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East Side Maker Space Buffalo Lab Brings Concepts to Life

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This past weekend, I paidlab3 a visit to Buffalo Lab, a community workshop located in the Foundry on Northhampton street.  They were hosting Arduino Day, which was a chance for newcomers to Arduino to get acquainted with the platform,
learn some basic soldering skills,  and build a line-following robot.  I went because I was curious about the Lab as a whole, and Lab member Grant Tepper was kind enough to give me a full tour.lab2

To understand what one can do at the Lab, one must first understand what it is.  Buffalo Lab is a place where anybody with an idea can go to make their vision reality, at any scale. It has a true co-op feel in that not only
are you sharing equipment, but ideas and expertise as well. The people there are working on projects of all sizes, from personal curiosities to business-scale technologies and startups. One can become a member for only $50/month, and have access to flyerthe multitude of tools there at the lab, or rent a larger space to start a business.

Buffalo Lab is particularly good if you need to use equipment that is too expensive for most people to own at home.  They have multiple 3d printers, CNC machines, programming stations, even full wood shops and welding shops. Fortunately, there are also people that know how to use the equipment that you can connect with and learn from.

It’s easy for anyone to get started in Buffalo Lab.  They have a variety of educational workshops and events open to the public for newcomers to learn and explore the Lab as a whole.  They also are very generous with their really cool stickers.

Check out their website:

Facebook  &  Twitter

298 Northampton St, Buffalo NY 14208 inside The Foundry.