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The Presidential Candidates on Science & Technology is an organization that started as an idea and group of 6 people less than a year ago, and has grown 38,000 strong by latest count – including nearly every major American scientific organization there is.  Their goal was to bring science and technology into the political discussion.

As a group, they’ve come up with a list of 14 questions that they felt were most important in the science and technology fields, given the current political climate and challenges we face as a nation.  They include topics like climate change, energy, genetics, stem cell research, space, and so on.  They then submitted the questions to the candidates to see where each side stands.

Obama’s campaign had supplied answers about two weeks ago – and the McCain campaign has submitted theirs just this morning, so now we can see the responses quite literally side by side.  With all the mud-slinging and lack of actual issues talk that’s been going on since the conventions, it’s pretty refreshing to see both of the candidates talk policy for a moment.

Believe it or not, the candidates actually agree on some of the topics.  They give very similar answers to the climate change question, are both big proponents of NASA, and surprisingly have some of the same ideas on national security (at least in this context), but they differ on energy, and most obviously, on stem cell research.  Rather than “spoil” any more, why not head over to ScienceDebate2008 and read it yourself?