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Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates: Moist and Delicious

Blogs have been buzzing over the past few weeks since Microsoft’s announcement of their deal with Jerry Seinfeld as Windows Vista’s new poster boy.  (Well, by “buzzing” I mean mostly joking, and mocking.)  A comedian whose prime was when Windows 95 was cutting edge, to team up with a man who’s about as exciting and photogenic as taking snapshots with the lens cap still on seemed like an unlikely team to bail out the sinking ship that is U.S.S. Vista… I’m no marketing expert, but it seemed like a queer choice.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Well folks, the first of many TV spots is up on YouTube.  Check it out.  It’s a commercial about nothing.

Am I alone when I say… “uhhhhhh”….?  Windows is moist and delicious?  This is the hip new advertising campaign supposed to sway Apple-curious consumers who are intrigued by the “Mac vs. PC” ads?

What kind of weed do you think they have in Redmond?  I think the marketing team got into the programmer’s stash.

  • David Gerard

    What’s the message? “Vista is hard, let’s go shopping!”

    I toldja, they shoulda gone with a tried and tested comedic genius.