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PHOTOS: Cut Copy 3/25

Cut Copy

Photos by Samantha Wulff

Not often does music take up a physical presence within us. When it does, we become one with it, and it moves us from the inside out. Whatever formula produces this unique phenomenon must have been patented by Cut Copy. Psychedelic, trance-like states are their specialty, and the natural result of the Melbourne quartet’s efforts. It all started in 2001 with DJ Dan Whitford, but the sound of Cut Copy could not be contained for long. Soon it infected Tim Hoey, Mitchell Scott and Ben Browning. They then found themselves a part of a band with magical powers, one with the ability to transport listeners across time and space. It’s doubtful that anybody under the influence of Cut Copy can actually feel sadness or concern, let alone their own feet on the ground. Whether it’s a sunny day in a rolling field, a vivid dream scene, the middle of an acid trip or a crowded dance floor, the blend of each member’s art background and untouchable electro-psych power can get you there. The substance-induced feeling that is a common result of hearing Cut Copy’s sound is no mere coincidence. Through the cultural practices that develop in and around clubs and immersion in Melbourne’s subterranean dance community, the guys discovered a portal to UK’s acid house movement. This Grammy-nominated export will soon be accompanied by Canadian artist Jessy Lanza at Town Ballroom this Tuesday (March 25). Her refreshing, if not disorienting, cocktail of R&B and 1980’s dance music produces strong and clever pop songs, sure to get you thinking, and moving. Although strong on their own, the combination of the two will likely result in an all night dance party. So take a nap. Rest up. Soon the synthesizers will be on, the bodies will be swaying and reality will become blurred. —samantha wulff