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Fluid Dynamics: Glitch, Noise, and Ambient

Fluid Dynamics

Saturday, Aug 10

syt3Take a camera, point it at a monitor that is playing back what the camera is shooting, and a feedback loop is created. Point a guitar at an amplifier and you’ve created a feedback loop. “Once you have a signal in a computer it’s plastic. Once a signal is in a computer you can shape it and distort it, and that is what feedback is all about. Whether you’re doing ambient music or glitch, you’re playing with the plasticity of data,” says artist Justin Lincoln whose video instillation The Feedback Loop will be on display as part of an afternoon of glitch, ambient, and noise music at Squeaky Wheel called Fluid Dynamics. Lincoln’s Feedback Loop instillation is made up of two components: a multi-channel video instillation, in which sounds trigger abstract and objective visuals, and an interactive piece that cross fades real time images into a video montage. Performing under the alias Notational, Lincoln, who hails from Walla Walla, Washington, will join eight other musicians including Matt Underwood of Providence Rhode Island and Buffalo’s ChapelsBill SackVWLS,Mario FanoneDownsamplingAy Fast, and Frankie NP, as each present their own brands of glitched-out electronic sounds. Some performances will be like a typical live electronic music set, while others will be more like small-scale sound instillations. Drinks and snacks will be served on the back alley patio, and the grill will be fired up, so feel free to bring your own BBQ supplies. Hear these artists bend sound in ways you’d never expect this Saturday afternoon (Aug 10) at Squeaky Wheel. —cory perla

1:30pm Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Access Center, 712 Main Street (884-7172 / free