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Primus to Play Free Show in North Tonawanda

Just Announced: Primus to Play Free Show in North Tonawanda


UPDATE 4/23: The Niagara River Rocks website has been officially updated with the following info:

Sunday, June 9: Primus and Beggar’s Best, FREE

Sunday, July 14: Tea Party, FREE

Sunday, August 25: Rusted Root with Hypnotic Clambake, FREE

All concerts begin at 5pm on their given day at Gratwick Park in North Tonawanda. Parking is available for $5, lot opens after 3pm day of show

ORIGINAL POST: Les Claypool and his legendary alternative rock band Primus have announced a free show in North Tonawanda as part of the Niagara River Rocks concert series on June 9, 2013.

UPDATE 4/4: The rest of the Niagara River Rocks schedule has just been announced as well. The Tea Party will perform on Sunday, July 14, followed by Rusted Root on Sunday August 25 with openers Hypnotic Clambake. 

UPDATE 4/5:  Now it appears that the Niagara River Rocks website has been taken down. This show was originally announced via Primus’ official email newsletter (screen cap below) on February 25. It also appeared on Primus’ official website that day (screen cap also below). Well, those links were removed from the website about a week later. Yesterday, the Niagara River Rocks website updated with info on 2013 events, finally switched over from last year’s free Buckcherry/Fuel concert information, but the Primus website still lacks information on the show. The Niagara River Rocks website update also contained information regarding two other Niagara River Rocks concerts, the Tea Party and Rusted Root, but today the entire website has been taken down. What gives? Last year’s Buckcherry/Fuel concert received great reviews from attendees, opening the door for the Niagara River Rocks series to expand. To just what it will expand to is still unknown at this point. Will it continue to be a free concert series? Will there be more than one show? Check back for more updates as the situation unfolds.

UPDATE 4/8: The Niagara River Rocks website now says that it will update with official information regarding their summer concert series on April 23 at 2pm.

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  • David Szymanski

    Shake hands with beef!

  • Adam Hesketh

    This cant be true. Im having a hard time believing you Art Voice, tho you are normally a reliable soure for local music events.

    • Artvoice

      It’s true Mr. Adam. Have some faith in your local alternative media!

  • Mark Mez

    Primus sucks

    • David Phelps

      u suck bitch

  • john

    Those damn blue collar tweekers better not be frontin!

  • mamaholly

     how do i get tickets for free primus show on june 9th? love them have seen them twice and it was great

    • Eric Klino

      ummm… its a ”free” show

      • mamaholly

        Duh, Not from the area and didn’t know where it was going to be at or if it was a lst come kinda basis.
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  • Tim

    Unless they added more dates this has to be bogus because they are doing shows after the 9th according to the primus website don’t get your hopes up primus fans.