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Cairo with Bear Flames at the Vault

Cairo with Bear Flames

Sunday, January 27

syt6What would a fistfight between ancient Greek sophist Thrasymachus and the famous Socrates be like? To psychedelic rock band Cairo it would be like an epic bass solo, each philosopher reaching out and wholloping each other, Thrasymachus rabid punching with each pluck of the string while Socrates lands slowly calculated but powerful blows with each slap of the thumb against the pickguard. At least this is the way the three-piece band, led by virtuosic bassist CJ Boyd (pictured), portrays the battle in their song “Thrasymachus vs. Socrates In A Fistfight.” The song is part of a 3-track album simply titled Cairo that the band is currently on tour in support of. Clocking in at over half an hour long, the record mixes rhythmically complex basslines with rolling drum beats and droning waves of guitar as the trio builds up and tears down jam after psychedelic jam. Boyd has performed on over 20 studio albums, but this is his first as Cairo with band mates John Horner and Ariel Cruz. Though Cairo shines as a recorded piece, the live setting will leave the trio open to experiment with extended solos and elongated jams so don’t miss them when they perform their record at the Vault this Sunday (Jan 27) with support from Bear Flames. —cory perla

8pm The Vault, 702 Main St. (884-7172) $5