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LCD Soundsystem’s Shut Up and Play The Hits to Screen at the Market Arcade

LCD Soundsystem’s Shut Up and Play The Hits to Screen at the Market Arcade

What made LCD Soundsystem the kings of the hipsters? Was it their perfect mix of dance music and rock, disco and punk? Is it that we all wish that we could be like James Murphy and Nancy Whang when we grow up? LCD Soundsystem were never the biggest band in the world. They never did an arena tour and they weren’t a household name but the world paid attention when they said they were calling it quits. I remember the day they announced that they were breaking up. I called my best friend and told him I had good news and bad news. The bad news: LCD Soundsystem was breaking up. The good news: they were playing their last show ever in New York City at Madison Square Garden and we might have a chance to go, if we were lucky.

Then there was the ticketing debacle. Madison Square Garden sold out instantaneously. 20,000 seats gone in literally the blink of an eye. It didn’t seem possible; LCD Soundsystem was our band—we were supposed to be there—why was this happening? Like most people who were dying to go, turning to scalpers was our only option and it was a risk. Who knew if the tickets we were about to pay way too much for would even be real? For about a hundred dollars over face value I was able to score a couple of floor seats. Don’t ask me how, I think I might owe my soul to Satan now. Fair price.

Fast forward to the moment I’m handing my ticket to the ticket-taker at MSG and my heart is racing and I’m sweating (it was a balmy 50 degrees out). “Please, for the love of God let this ticket be real,” I was thinking. The electronic ticket machine-dealy beeped and the ticket-taker waved me past. I screamed at the top of my lungs to the sideways glances of a few people standing near by. Now it was time to sneak my four other friends into our seats. This type of thing works much better when you have a group of close friends surrounding you…There we were, six people sharing two seats on the floor as the opening band Liquid Liquid took the stage. Ok, maybe nobody would catch on. Maybe it wouldn’t even fill up, there were tons of scalper tickets left a week before. One guy was selling a package of 17 tickets for $11,000.  Maybe he got screwed? Yeah right. The moment LCD Soundsystem took the stage the floor flooded. There were twice as many people as there were seats and the ushers lost control. Tickets lost all meaning. The first beats of “Dance Yrself Clean” began to echo throughout the arena and chaos erupted. When the beat dropped everyone was dancing in the aisles. Minds were lost, lives were changed, and I’m pretty sure the people in the row in front of us had a threesome. LCD Soundsystem went out on top. They were the kings at that moment. To quote James Murphy “I was there.” I’d kill to relive that concert. The closest I think I’ll ever get will be viewing a screening of Shut Up and Play The Hits, LCD Soundsystem’s film about the band’s final 48 hours. Shut Up and Play The Hits, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, will screen across the country from LA to Brooklyn and at the Market Arcade Theater (639 Main Street) in Buffalo on July 18. Tickets are on sale now. Please, no debacle this time. —cory perla

Below: Shut Up And Play The Hits trailer

  • Cory

    If you were at the last show, please share your experience too