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Seinfeld Trivia Night at W.J. Morrissey’s

Seinfeld Trivia Night at W.J. Morrissey’s

Thursday, June 14

What movie does the Seinfeld gang try to see in the “Chinese Restaurant” episode?

That’s an easy one. Obviously it is Plan 9 From Outer Space. One night only.

Name 5 restaurants in the Seinfeld universe:

Slightly tougher question, let’s see. Of course there is Monk’s, Mendy’s, The Soup Nazi’s Restaurant, Atomic Sub (Elaine just wants her free sub and Denim Jacket steals it!) and Bouchard’s (for the love of God don’t get the bouillabaisse). Can anyone name any others?

What is Kramer’s name in the pilot episode before it is changed to Kramer?

I believe the answer is Kessler.

Here is a tough one: How long was Jerry’s “throw-up streak?”

A. Since Kindergarten

B. Thirty-six days

C. Fourteen years

D. Since his 21st birthday

Any guesses?

If you can answer these questions  then you might be ready for Seinfeld Trivia Night at W.J. Morrissey’s on Thursday, June 14. Put together a team of friends (up to 5 per team), or come and meet new people while enjoying this fun and engaging night of Seinfeld Trivia in downtown Buffalo. Tickets are $18 and can only be purchased online. Two drinks are included in the ticket price. Advance ticket purchase is strongly recommended as space is limited to 50 people. Please share your obscure Seinfeld trivia in the comment box.


—cory perla 

  • Business First

    Don’t forget Reggies… where there are no egg whites or big salads!

    • Cory

      Good call! I’ve always wanted one of those big salads.

    • HystErica

      We don’t have big bowls!

  • HystErica

    Papaya King, Poppy’s, Magic Pan

  • Cory

    Any guesses on how long the “throw up streak” was?