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716: Hip Hop in Buffalo: Dipsi Debuts “Young”

A good way to break into the hip hop game in Buffalo is to have a catchy track with a well produced music video. Dipsi hits both of these musts with his debut video for “Young.” Marrying indie pop with rap rhymes, Dipsi, a.k.a. 22-year-old UB Computer Science student Gagan Singh, began dabbling in hip hop after releasing a more rock oriented EP called Smells Like Coffee, last year. Check out the video for “Young” below. Loving that sample.

Dipsi — “Young”

  • Brittany

    Eh, kinda sucks kinda doesn’t. Kid pisses me off a bit too. Comes off as a tryhard wanna be.

  • mike

    i kinda liked it, its definitely a new sound, and i liked his flow, he may wanna not jump around next time though lol

  • Marc

    I liked it too. It’s nice to see some professionalism put into a first time effort.

  • Gagan

    @Brittany: I’m sorry i pissed you off!! :( I also am not trying to be anything, especially not a “tryhard” (not really sure what that is) so I’m bummed you got that impression. Anyways thanks for watching and commenting.

    @Mike: Thank you for your comments! And the jumping parts seem a bit silly, because, well they were! Most of them were shots from when we were just messing around thinking they would look cool in slow mo :)

    @Marc: Thank you! I always try to stray away from amateurism as much as possible so i’m really glad it shows.

    Thanks for your comments everyone.

  • Bills32

    Not bad, just disappointing that the hook is from another song. Could have been more original if you didn’t choose a sample from a song that’s already everywhere. I get using a popular song to help get your own material out there and noticed, but it seems like you’re molding yourself and writing to please a crowd and not as a personal artistic outlet. For example I saw that poll on your facebook page asking people’s opinions on samples and offering to throw friend’s ideas in a track. Not saying you are, but it sort of makes you look like a phony. Do whatever you want and stop caring about what people think. Like I said though, not bad.

  • Brittany

    don’t lose any sleep over my comments lol. I’m just really into underground/indie rap so stuff like this irks me.

    definition #1.

    to me, its all over your body language, lyrics, clothes, etc. just giving my opinion. best of luck.

  • Gagan

    @bills32: “but it seems like you’re molding yourself and writing to please a crowd and not as a personal artistic outlet.” Spot on Bill, this song was created with more of a “business mind”: to cater to the “top 40 crowd”. Check out some of my other music at, and you’ll see this isn’t the case with most other stuff I do. More so the previous track “2012” and extra-especially in my rock-oriented EP. I don’t plan on doing too many of them, but music is a business along as an art and I’m trying to cover both sides; I’m just not talented enough yet to do it both in one track.

    @Brittany: mostly what I said above covers it :) I think what I intended gives insight to how you felt, theres some cool indie rap elements in there, but there is also that “top-40ish” element to it as well. So I guess I now understand your “kinda sucks kinda doesn’t” comment. Also thats my favorite red shirt and cardigan!! The hat is from a friend who started a local apparell company, and my favorite color is red so i love those shoes 😛

  • Local Musician

    “Spot on Bill, this song was created with more of a “business mind”: to cater to the “top 40 crowd”.”

    Isn’t that, if not really close to, selling out? Out of curiosity I checked out your other stuff. Vocoder on the 2012 track and the track itself is top 40 as hell so I’m not really following what you’re getting at. Rock ep was listenable though.

  • Gagan

    @Local Musician:

    There is no vocoder on 2012. Even if there was, the use of a tool does not instantly categorize it one way or another. Come to think of it, a few effects used in 2012 were used in the rock EP as well. If you think 2012 is a top40 candidate, that makes me really happy because that one was a lot more personal and emotional to me than the subject of this article.

    The whole idea of “Selling Out” is a whole other conversation, usually a stupid one. If you get a chance, listen to Fun’s new album (where I got the sample from) because a major theme in it is “Selling Out”. Nate Ruess’ views on it are very similar to mine.

    As always, thanks for your comments.

  • sean

    being from ub and born in buffalo are two different things and u obviously not from buffalo. im sorry but ur flow is no different from wats on wild 101, ur not j cole….. u can always do tracks for bollywood movies theyre hiring