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716: New Hip Hop in Buffalo

I’ve heard a lot of new hip hop beats coming from Buffalo recently. Take a listen to the beats and rhymes of  these five Buffalo hip hop artists below. What do you like? What do you hate? What’s missing? Let’s hear it.

Chae Hawk— “Salute” feat. GoGev

Mic Excel – “#Butthurt”

Grabbitz — “Jump For Me” feat. Chae Hawk

Michael Myerz — “Downstairs Ladder”

Jeremy Jermaine Jerome – “Demolition”

Check out Chae Hawk and Grabbitz on Saturday, March 3 at 700 Main Street

Check out Mic Excel Friday, March 16 at Soundlab


  • The Lifesaver

    Thanks @Kingdom for all the hate, I appreciate it. Who are you anyway? Do you rap? Or are you just as worthless as you sound on a blog? Just keep your mouth shut and do exactly what youve been doing best, not existing to me. You dont want a problem hommie. The truth is simple, we get busy making music. Buffalo Hip Hop is alive and well, and the people that are involved, know that. Our fans and supporters are the ones who we do it for, and the haters like you is who we fuel from, so keep on talkin shit from behind your keyboard, it helps us do better. Peace. Life.

  • Jay G

    Can’t we all just get along? Different strokes for Different folks!!! Some like it some don’t .. Matter of opinion.
    One question???? Are people happy 100% of the time?? No — and when you make music I personally believe you should release all facets of yourself- from the negative to the positive – as long as your telling the truth and keeping it real- say what you want. Freedom of Speech

  • PNut

    jesus christ….

  • Walter. W.

    Buffalo is definitely an untapped goldmine of talent. Are 2 best gold nuggets however, are Prosper and A.L. Third