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Tony Lorenzo Benefit Show at DBGB

Tony Lorenzo Benefit Show

Friday, November 4

If you live in the Elmwood Village you probably heard about the brutal robbery and shooting on Bird and Richmond last Wednesday. The victim, 25-year-old Tony Lorenzo, a local musician, was shot in the neck and, for now, is unable to walk. Tony was shot in the area he lived in, an area he has lived in all of his life. As a local musician he has been the guitarist of several bands, including Sons of Azrael, and most recently hardcore/metal band Ritual Quarantine. Two things need to happen now: The Buffalo Police Deparment needs to find the shooter and the people who call the Elmwood Village home need to step up and support Tony. The latter is already happening. On Friday (Nov 4, tomorrow!) DBGB in Allentown will host a Tony Lorenzo Benefit Show featuring a slew of local hardcore bands including Hellcannon, Lewd Dewdz, Final Insult, and Vile Crocodile with Malik Saint, presented by Shaken Stylus. There will be a $5 minimum donation but people are encouraged to give as much as they can. If you can’t make it to the show, you can still donate on PayPal, just go to Come together, put an end to violence in our city, and help Tony out. —cory perla

10pm. Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar, 253 Allen St. (240-9359).$5. 21+.

  • Joe Mahma

    Violent crime in Buffalo is WAY too high. What are the police doing about keeping people safe in Buffalo?

  • Joe Mahma Fat

    Dude, Buffalo crime is at a 10 year low and second to that these are isolated crimes. Amherst has consistantly been voted the saftest (or one of them) communities in the country. That’s only 10m away from where this happened. Crime happens in EVERY city, small and large. Making a broad statement like above is just plane ignorant. That’s like saying Buffalo is the snowiest city in the country. It’s not. There are literally dozens of cities that get north of Buffalo by 30-40″ MORE than we do. Just go east and Rochester and Syracuse gets more than we do consistantly – not even mentioning south and north of both cities up the lake. Go back in your hole, troll.