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Super High Comedian: Doug Benson

An Interview with Comedian Doug Benson

Updated. Originally published in April 2011.

Doug Benson loves movies…and pot…and making fun of celebrities. Luckily for him, it’s his job to love these things. Benson is a comedian, star of the movie Super High Me—the 2007 documentary that had him smoking marijuana on an hourly basis for 30 days straight—and creator of the popular podcast Doug Loves Movies where he pokes fun at his favorite actors and movies. This Wednesday (Sept 14) he will perform his stand-up routine, featured on Comedy Central Presents and Best Week Ever, for the crowd at Nietzsche’s. AV caught up with Benson this week to talk about the aftermath of Super High Me and some of his current projects, like Comedy Central’s the Benson Interruption.

AV: What kind of reaction do you receive from most people about Super High Me?
Doug Benson: People like it because it shows that someone can use medical marijuana, still be a productive member of society, and not feel ashamed. I like weed and I make jokes about it, and if people think I’m a “stoner comic,” I can’t really argue with that.

@DougBenson I’m flying to Buffalo tomorrow. I hope the plane doesn’t have wild wings. #WorstTweetEver
AV: How is social networking important to you?
DB: I like to think it’s a good way to let people know about my shows and meet interesting people. And tell some jokes.

AV: Where did the idea for the Benson Interruption come from?
DB: I decided to say the kinds of things I say in the back of the room during comedy shows to other comedians, but into a microphone of my own. Rude, but in a fun way. I love improvising, and not knowing what the other person is going to say. Just showing up without having to write or memorize a script is also a glorious thing.

AV: Why do you love movies Doug?
DB: What’s not to love about movies? I just figured out that talking about them is a fun thing for people to listen to. Check out my weekly podcast at
—cory perla