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Gatekeepers #4: DJ Soma Talks About Infringement

DJ Soma is a true vetran of the local DJ scene, keeping bodies moving and music pumping since the early 1990’s. This week I talked to this staple Buffalo DJ, real name Curt Kuczkowski about the music he likes to spin, the 2011 Infringement Festival and his experiences on the fringe. This year DJ Soma will perform at a variety of Infringement events including Electronic Night at Soundlab on Friday, August 5th.

Flier from DJ Soma's WBNY Radio Show "the Space Time Trip"

Tell me about the music you like to spin.

I spin all kinds of electronic music. Focusing on the genres; I spin mostly four to the floor beat stuff: trance, house, techno, IDM; but its also about the space between the beats, so ambient and chill, psy-chill, and downtempo are also a part of my sets. I feel music should fit the mood and story and message you’re trying to tell with your mix. When I was broadcasting on WBNY 91.3fm from 1991 to 2006 for my show the Space Time Trip I featured all kinds of electronic music. I usually plan my music on how I feel, what story I’m trying to convey, the feel of the crowd, or the atmosphere of the setting.

What else are you involved in?

I’m always open for collaboration between DJs, musicians, artists, and the audience.  Without the audience I couldn’t do what I do. I’m always been about influencing and being influenced by everyone from fellow local DJs to the globe trotting world class DJ. I’ve been acquiring musical gear for quite some time now and hope to start making headway towards producing some tracks or albums in the near future. I wanted to be at this point already in my musical career, but everything comes as it should in time, I’ve learned over the years. On that note, support your local scene! The nationals and headliners are awesome but they will come and go. Your locals are the foundation that keeps your scene running.

How do you think the Electronic Showcase at Soundlab is relevant to the Infringement Festival?

Well I can say that my involvement for the Infringement Festival will focus on mostly music that you won’t hear in the clubs on Chippewa or on the radio. Not to say it wont be dance oriented  or completely obscure, but I try and focus on what I want to convey, and share what I think is musically relevant, not necessarily what is the electronic flavor of the month. I’m not saying that stuff isn’t good or important, but i’ve always tried to be different, unique in my approach to presenting music.

Tell me about the other shows you will be involved in for Infringement.

You can check my schedule and the whole Buffalo Infringement Festival schedule at Go see and support as much as you can, there really is so much good stuff out there. This year I play with DJ Medison, WNY American Tribal Style Bellydance Collective, SoundShaman, Shapes of States, DJ Cult Hero and more. I also suggest seeing PROJEX, N3wt, Armageddon Party, and Organic Synthesis, and too many more to mention, check out the schedule.

7/30: Beyoud DMT with a focus on ambient downtempo experimental soundscape stuff
8/3: Neitzsche’s
8/5: Soundlab with a focus on techno/house/trance.

Friday, August 5, 9pm-3am, at Soundlab (110 Pearl Street,

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