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Gatekeepers #3: Biacco & DJ DStar release The One

This isn’t your parent’s disco album, but Biacco and DJ D Star probably sampled some of their favorites. Take one part house, one part disco, stir it all with a 128bpm spoon and you’ve got the perfect party cocktail of pumping four to the floor bass drum and screaching divas for a summer by the pool. Biacco, real name Matt McGurn and DJ DStar, also known as Don Skotnicki, recently collaborated to put together a party fueled mix titled The One. “The EP was heavily influenced by 1970s disco,” said McGurn, who maintains residencies at local clubs like Encore and the newly opened Bambino’s. “I’ve always felt that a lot of the tracks from back then could still be relevant in today’s club scene if they were just given a little modern production love,” he said. That is just what Biacco and DStar did.


The EP begins with the title track, “The One,” an energetic mix of blasting horns, precise scratching, and rumbling bass. “You’re the one, he’s the one, she’s the one, you’re the one” a disco diva cries throughout.Next Dance” the ep’s second track emerges smoothly from “The One” with a similar mix of repetitive house basslines and disco horns that cycle through well placed peaks and valleys, each climaxing with familiar sounding horn vamp samples. Metallic high hat slams accent the spastic Daft-Punk like basslines and funk guitar samples, which DStar said are his favorite on the EP. “The track is really pumping, horns are funky, the drums really hit right, and there’s a certain groove that always makes me want to bounce,” Skontnicki said. This is the track that brought this collabortion into being. As McGurn explained it, he brought “Next Dance” to Skotnicki’s studio to show him what he’d been working on. “He really liked it and offered to show me some tricks to make it sound better,” McGurn said. “Eight hours later we ended up completely changing the arrangement of the song and decided to try and make a few more disco house tracks together.”

Skontnicki is into a wide variety of electronic music, and his DJ sets reflect that, mixing the mainstream with the deep underground. He often plays clubs in San Diego and L.A. along with his local gigs. “I’m always excited to produce records with my friends that have diverse tastes,” Skontnicki said of working with McGurn.

The One continues with “That’s How We Do,” which blasts in with a repeating snyth line that ulimately flips inside out before returning with a crash and more stuttered kick drum.

DJ DStar

The album climaxes on its last track “Woooo” which speaks for itself, with ecstatic yelps and a wonderful liquid bassline. “My favorite sample on the record is on this song.” McGurn said. “I had the main loop going and it was catchy but it needed something to take it over the top. I was running through some of my vinyl for inspiration and found this great sample of a girl yelling “WOO.” It fit perfectly and just that half a second sample ended up becoming my favorite part of the whole EP.”

Clocking in at 20 mins, The One is a good start to any party, and if you haven’t mastered your own DJ chops yet, download The One and throw it on the MP3 player, turn some dials, and impress your friends with these body moving disco grooves.

You can download The One at, and don’t forget to follow @biacco and @djdstar on Twitter.

DStar and Biacco will be spinning together this Sunday (July 3) for an Independence Day party at Bayou (79 West Chippewa, Buffalo).

—cory perla

  • Kinger

    Congrats B and thanks to Star for making it happen.

  • medison

    that shot of biacco is at my apt. lol

    yo and for real for real, this ep is that hotness!