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Radiohead Announce New Album, Out This Saturday

Thank you for waiting? You’re welcome, we didn’t mind. This is the message that appeared on Radiohead‘s website today, after the band announced the release of their eighth studio album, The King of Limbs, to be released THIS SATURDAY (Feb 19). There is no tracklisting available yet, and there may not be before everyone on earth recieves the record at the same time on February 19, for the controled leak of their album. It’s not often, in this era of album leaks and illeagal downloading, that everyone interested in an album receives at the same time, but Radiohead know how music fans think. We will all press play on the first track of The King of Limbs at the same time, sharing the experience. When the album, the first “newspaper album,” (the meaning of “newspaper album” has not quite been explained yet.) gets a physical release on May 9 it will be packaged with around 650 pieces of artwork, large and small. There is very little known about this new album so far, but one thing we do have is a description of what will come packaged with the physical version, and an image of the album cover. Along with the massive amount of artwork that will come packaged in a special bio-degradeable plastic case, there will be two 10″ clear vinyl disks. Radiohead have released two other albums on this out of the ordinary 10″ format, 2000’s Kid A, and 2001’s Amnesiac, two of their darkest albums. Combine that with the dark and obtrusive cover image for the King of Limbs, and this might be a clue toward the overall tone of the album.

—cory perla

Update: The King of Limbs dropped a day early, click here to download it.

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke and artist Stanley Donwood working on the art for The King of Limbs.

  • Adam

    Fingers crossed for more Amnesiac and less In Rainbows.

  • professor 11

    I don’t believe this is happening

  • Pavel

    Woah… I like the album art, I’ll say that much. The rest will have to wait till saturday.

  • cory

    I get the impression that they are leaning toward a darker sound.