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Four Year Strong with Comeback Kid

Comic book superheroes turned pop-punk band, Four Year Strong, roll into Xtreme Wheels tonight (Oct 7) with Canadian hardcore-punk act Comeback Kid. 2010 has been a busy year for both bands. In March Four Year Strong released their third studio record, Enemy of The World, a pit thrasher’s fantasy full of group sing a longs, chugging guitar breakdowns and speedy punk rock drums. The record is their follow up to 2009’s cover album, Explains It All, an ode to the 1990’s featuring covers of the Smashing Pumpkins, Alanis Morrissette, Third Eye Blind and Everclear among others. Meanwhile Comeback Kid is fresh off the release of their new record, Symptoms + Cures, an album that lands them on the heavier side of the post-hardcore spectrum with thick, dissonant chord changes and the guttural screams of vocalist Andrew Neufeld. On this tour, dubbed the Tonight We Feel Alive! Tour, Four Year Strong have vowed to dedicate a song to you. Yes you. All you have to do is go to their Facebook page, request a song and show up to the concert. They will play at least one request every night and dedicate it to the requester.

-cory Perla

  • Greg Walker


    I understand you took the time to call Kelly Worden (not “Warden”) to tell him of your article. Confusing is why you didn’t take a few moments more to fact check the account you gave regarding what is alleged to have occurred at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, at the 1st Special Forces Group compound, at the conclusion of scheduled training…back in 2012…five years ago.

    The military member you refer to was first and foremost that – a member of the military…a Soldier. He was a student at a Tacoma based Gracie studio, he was not an MMA champion or otherwise. No one even recalls if he was a fully qualified “green beret” in the unit. It was not a “match” or “challenge”, it was a kinetic training point which everyone learned from.

    Mr. Worden has taught / trained the Special Operations units at JBLM since the early 1990s. His programs are influenced by what the war fighters – the fully qualified and experienced SF, Rangers, CCT, and others share with him they need. I’ve read letters from and spoken with those who have relied upon what they learned from Kelly in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere – in hand to hand – and who have won. And winning is the only thing that counts, as you know.

    And Mr. Worden has always included ground fighting in his programs of instruction. A bit of research would have revealed that.

    Mr. Worden is a welcome guest whenever he is available to visit the compound. He has received numerous letters, certificates, and plaques from his SOF commanders, cadre, and students there. Your information was inaccurate and misleading.

    As for the student/Soldier who got a mouthful of dirt…if he was a fully qualified GB and he complained about it…he ain’t that tough. The first day of Selection is far, far, far worse. Trust me.


    Greg Walker (ret)
    USA Special Forces
    “No Fallen Comrade Left Behind”

    • Frank Dux

      Dear Greg

      Thank you for the additional information.

      I spoke with Kelly who relayed the story and confirmed the fight and outcome to me prior to publication and perhaps I misunderstood all the details in his relaying it to me in the past. Two alleged unit SF members who I met confirmed and perhaps embellished it as did a Tacoma MMA promoter. So I attempted to corroborate the store as best I could.

      Regardless there exist plenty of other examples I could have selected — including personal encounters with MMA Champions one of which visited my home when I was living in Seattle who had a rude awakening between what works in the ring and what doesn’t outside of it — including a video YouTube of a man using sport MMA tactics that made him vulnerable and who ends up severely injured due to his being stabbed.

      It was not my intent to suggest in the article grappling has no value or missing from SF training regime nor is this a put down to MMA but it demonstrates what the difference is between the offensive mindsets and focus of a warrior vs that of a sportsman — how a warrior takes into account the use of his environment and improvises based on past experience and mental conditioning.

      Again, thank you for your comment and yes I concur how over time and the retelling of story is how tall tales get started.

      • Greg Walker

        Frank –

        Kelly just posted this – in rebuttal of your original article –

        • Frank Dux

          Well Greg the only taste of success some people have is when they attempt take a bite out of mine…

          • Greg Walker

            Sounds like whining to me, Frank. You’re the one who got it wrong, not Mr. Worden.

          • Frank Dux

            To the contrary I did not get it wrong from the horses mouth and his friends/students who conveyed it.

            Lets be logical. The story doesn’t bolster myself or the story for that matter as the truth served the point better.

            Ask yourself this, why didn’t Kelly contact me right after I asked him him to review the story… The answer is obvious, allowing me to correct it deprived him of an opportunity to ride on my coattails to draw attention to himself.

            The whole rebuttal is nothing more than an article about how great Worden is while taking pot shots at me as I go all over world and people who aren’t martial artists know my name NOT Worden.

            My name is acknowledged as source contributor in numerous military manuals worldwide, e.g. US Navy SEAL SpecWar Manual k431-0097. I could have just as easily related a personal story whereas, I, did something similar in a real fight in front of a crowd.

            Point is obvious Worden takes a bite out of me to attach his name to mine to gain attention to himself by which to sell his services and products — why the big write up about himself in his “rebuttal” hardly — its called “grandstanding”

          • PhilB

            Kelly Worden is already successful. He would have no other reason to correct your story than to just clear his good name.

      • PhilB

        Let me guess: You can’t divulge who this “MMA Champion” is, right? It’s “classified”, or “it doesn’t matter”, and no one else was around, right?