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Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck Holy Fuck Holy Fuck. We’re the only news source in this town willing to print this band’s name so let’s take advantage. Holy Fuck are electronic music with a twist. Their songs take place in two worlds. One where drummer Matt Schulz and bassist Matt McQuaid become rhythmic trail blazers laying down a foundation of electro-dance beats. The other is a plane of buzzing, morphing signals and flying shapes created by sound effects masters Brian Borcherdt and Graham Walsh. The twist is these guys make their intergalactic sound effects and phased out electronic blasts with everything but a computer. No loops, no spliced tracks and certainly no Abelton Live. What sounds like a DJ scratching vinyl on their track “Red Lights,” from their latest album, Latin, is actually a film synchronizer rigged up to a distortion pedal and played like a Casio keyboard. That filtered phaser sound is probably coming from a children’s toy ray gun aimed at a microphone. When Borcherdt and Graham stand facing each other on stage it’s like an epic Harry Potter battle with two equally powered wizards blasting lasers at each other from their hands. It’s music meant to be experienced live. Songs like “Silva & Grimes,” and “Latin America” build to a peak and then descend cyclically, but more often than not they push past the peak into outer space. Holy Fuck will be live at Soundlab on Tuesday (Sept 21), with sound-scape architects Indian Jewlery

-cory perla

Update: Photos from last night’s show by Ben Gardner (click on thumbnails to enlarge).

  • blfomusicians4musicians

    holy fuck, indian jewlery & bflo’s own wooden waves.

  • bones

    holy fuck fuck fuck fuck

  • stoptheinsanity

    Trail blazers my ass…electronic dance beats with distorted machine sounds overlaying…if there was some actual talent involved here there would be no necessity for the shock value of the totally contrived name of the band…..

  • Mitch

    When I see and hear good music being performed, “holy fuck” is probably similar to a thought I would have, so kudos to them for taking the name.

  • cory

    Stoptheinsanity: I meant trail blazers in terms of laying down a rhythmic foundation for the other members of the band. People will have their own opinions as to whether this band is groundbreaking or not, but I do know that there is a lot of hype behind their live show so I will certainly check it out.

  • dave

    Not sure about the music but love the photos!

  • http://blogs.artvoice Paula Davin

    You all sound like Carl Paladino. He would say these words just like all people in the gutter. Like it or not, you might play at his inaugural ball….or should we call it balls? Go Carl.

  • joey ma

    its not a profession for many who go into enforcement, they are just street level thugs in a blue suit.
    Above the law is a reality for may blue suits, some may dawn white sheets under the blue uniform.

  • Thurg00d Stubbs

    …and they wonder why people don’t respect them.

  • Ummm

    My initial gut reaction after seeing her over the top smug “I can do anything” Hillary Clinton smirk was not in her favor. After reading the article and depositions it remains the same.