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Capillary Action with A Hotel Nourishing

Listening to Capillary Action is the equivalent of reading Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs while trying to decipher a David Lynch movie dubbed over in Chinese. This is not music for the mainstream. This isn’t even for the underground. It’s the abstract painting in an art gallery that is so disorienting and uncomfortable that you just have to discuss it with someone. Are you hearing the same thing I’m hearing? I’m not qualified to tell you what their music means, you have to decide for yourself, and even then, you’re not qualified to decide what you think it means. If that last sentence made any sense then, well, we’re still not on the same page. If you’re confused to the point of giving up then you’re in good shape and now is the perfect time to listen to the track “Elevator Fck” off of Capillary Action’s latest album, So Embarrassing. If you have an interest in the human mind, strange emotions, confusion and the interpretation of art then Capillary Action is for you. If you’re looking for something beautiful and simple, well I have a Coldplay album for you. Take an adventure and leave your comfort zone. Strip down naked and run through a McDonald’s parking lot. Wear a meat-suit to the VMA’s. Buy irregular socks.  It’s rare when music is incomparable to anything else but I can’t say that I’ve heard anything quite like Capillary Action. They will make their way through Buffalo on Saturday (Sept 18) when they take the stage of Soundlab with local experimental indie band A Hotel Nourishing.

cory perla