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The Flaming Lips Zaireeka Listening Party tonight!

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It’s not often that a Flaming Lips fan gets a chance to hear Zaireeka in it’s full glory. Unless you happen to sit in your living room surrounded by four or more stereo systems, you can’t possibly feel the full effect of this album. Zaireeka was the eighth studio album released by the Lips and certainly their most controversial, but not because of it’s content. The four disc album was released in 1997 and is meant to be played on four CD players… simultaneously. Imagine the response that Warner Brothers record executives gave when front man Wayne Coyne explained the idea to them. It seems like a miracle that the album was even released. Needless to say, the Warner Bros execs weren’t too emphatic about the idea, but if it were solely up to Wayne, well, you would have walked out of the record store carrying a case of 40 cassette tapes because the inaugural performance of this album happened in a parking lot with 40 cassette players all blasting the album in sync. If this type of sound experiment sounds interesting to you, I would suggest attending the FREE, second annual Zaireeka Listening Party TONIGHT at Sugar City. Oh yea, and don’t forget to dress like a fearless freak for a chance to win rare Lips prizes.

cory perla