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More Than Me 10th Anniversary Show

Over the last 10 years Buffalo rock band More Than Me has played in virtually every small coffee house and major venue in this city.  They’ve gone well beyond Buffalo too. In June the band shared the stage at the London Calling festival with none other than Paul McCartney after winning the Hard Rock Calling Battle of the Bands. This band of four high school friends, who played their first gig at Higher Grounds coffee house a decade ago, have officially played every band’s dream gig. They didn’t score the London gig, where they played in front of thousands of new fans, without first paying their dues though. The band has booked their own tours for the last seven years, and with do-it-yourself  touring comes challenges. “We once played a show in Daytona Beach, Florida at a place called the Seabreeze lounge,” said guitarist and lead singer Ryan Doyle. “The promoter neglected to tell us we were on the bill with four razor-blade gargling hardcore bands. Needless to say, the room cleared for our set.” The upbeat power-pop quartet will probably feel more at home on the stage of the Tralf on Saturday (Aug 28) where they’ll celebrate their 10 year anniversary and share the stage with Rochester’s Strike The Sky, and the Buffalo boys in Free Henry!

cory perla

  • Eric Sabadasz

    I’m originally from the Central Terminal neighborhood and grew up looking at it from my kitchen window every day as a kid. While I’d like to see Amtrack return to the station, I’m sorry to say that the fact of the matter is that won’t happen until the neighborhood is gentrified or at least secured. And I am in the neighborhood, as it is, on a weekly basis.

  • Brian J. Walker

    Spend the money on the Central Terminal. Then, look to the future and reclaim the old railroad right-of-way that goes from the Central Terminal to the airport as a limited access route for autonomous cars. It already intersects Galleria Drive – offering access to a major shopping destination as well. The route can go right through the Central Terminal area along existing rights-of-way to Canalside and downtown Buffalo. Riders could continue onto regular street to their destinations, or order a small car to pick them up. Larger vehicles could run the route regularly to handle commuters and people attending events. Paving the old right-of-way and adding stoplights for traffic control would be much less expensive and much more flexible than an expansion of the Light Rail Rapid Transit or any other fixed transportation system. By the time it’s built, the cars will be ready – and we’ll be in the forefront of urban transportation instead of lagging behind.

  • David Patch

    Correction: New York’s Grand Central Terminal was owned, at the time its demolition and redevelopment as an office tower was proposed, by the Penn Central, not Pennsylvania Railroad. Penn Central also owned Buffalo Central Terminal at that time, and historically both were built by the New York Central, not the Pennsylvania. (The landmarks preservation movement in New York was inspired by the Pennsylvania Railroad’s mid-1960s demolition of its Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan, the site upon which the current edition of Madison Square Garden was then built.)

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  • DJF

    Correction: As President of Citizens for Regional Transit I want to say that we have not endorsed Central Terminal as the final selected site for Buffalo’s new train station. Our position is that Central Terminal must be considered as a prime candidate for the many reasons described in the article. There are also reasons arguing for a downtown station. Maybe we need two stations? Maybe one can be a grand station serving all trains like Central Terminal and one a less expensive “shelter station” or stop. As a member of the Mayor’s train station site selection committee we are considering all inputs and arguments before making a final endorsement.