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Home invasion, grand theft auto and burglary on Lexington Ave. today

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Three hours ago my house was broken into and my car was stolen along with thousands of dollars worth of other stuff. My brother and I personally tracked down the assailants to Vermont and Ripley near Brayton off of Richmond on the west side but by the time the cops showed up they were gone. They were two young black men, age 18-25, one with light skin and long frizzy hair pulled back in a pony tail wearing a brown shirt and rolled up jeans, the other was shorter darker skinned, wearing MY red sunglasses. My car is a black 2008 ford escape first three letters on the plate are CYU. If anyone out there has any information please contact the Buffalo Police Deparment, or me at immediately. Thank you.

cory perla
Update: The car has been found and fingerprinted, though the thieves are still at large.

  • Door Security

    Very sorry to hear about this…as a result of the same activity in our area, we added anti-kick devices from to our exterior doors. Since our bad guys were knocking first, then kicking, we added the larger peephole with a camera on it. It came with a sticker that we posted outside to let them know they are on camera. Hopefully those to things (defense and deterrence) will help avoid attack. Again, so sorry about your incident. We were hit 5 years ago…and even if you catch them, it still is horrible.

  • diesel34

    And yet the Mayor says crime is down in Buffalo. The police are doing the best they can but are stretched thin and the current administration adjusts the numbers to justify less patrolmen. Once again sorry to hear of your misfortune, it appears as if we need more forward thinking politicians that are interested in keeping our neighborhoods safe.

  • brownout

    get used to it. the incompetence/apathy at administration level is too discouraging to even explain. call Fontana’s office, he said crime was down and that Derenda was “adequate”, was the police response to you “adequate”? People forget Derenda hates police officers, has no “back up” no one he can trust, the rank and file hate him, crime has just started to rear its ugly head, it’s just the tip of the iceberg that we just saw.

  • ADP in WNY

    Seems to me what is needed is more crime tracking cameras installed in neighborhoods. However I think that idea has been steadily attcked in the pages of Artvoice.