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Buffalo Zombie Walk & Pub Crawl

Breaking news: a highly contagious infection has contaminated the Elmwood Village. A flesh eating virus spread to humans after an infected monkey bit a scientist, wait, no, a massive green cloud of poisonous gas has moved over the city and, hold on, an official government source now claims that hell has overflowed with the souls of the dead due to a hole in the space-time continuum…Well it doesn’t really matter how it happened because the fact is; the zombie apocalypse is here. On Saturday (July 10) all living, dead and living dead are invited to the Buffalo Zombie Walk & Pub Crawl. Since 2001 zombie walks have infected victims from all over the world. From Canada to Australia and the United Kingdom, mobs of oozing, limping and moaning zombies as big as 5000 have united to share in their love of gore. Don’t bring your shotguns or rocket launchers though, all the zombies on this walk are friendly. Any undead interested in walking must meet beforehand at either Maddtat2 or Guerilla Gallery on Elmwood Avenue to register as a zombie or victim. Registered walkers will be eligible for prizes and giveaways. Contests include “most original zombie,” “sexiest zombie” and “king and queen zombies,” as well as others. The walk begins at 1 p.m. in Bidwell Park and ends in Allentown at 4 p.m. At 6 p.m. the pub crawl starts for zombies ages 21 and up. Visit each bar on the crawl to win additional prizes. $1 per zombie, per event. Don’t forget to practice the zombie shuffle, apply a generous amount of open wounds to your face and eat your daily serving of BRAAAAAINS!

cory perla

Update: Zombies Terrify Elmwood Avenue video

  • scott

    The zombie walk passed right below my apartment around 2:30pm. There were quite a few. But I’m better off dead than zed.

  • Mike Zimmerman

    Jamie, before I add “disingenuous” to all the other descriptions of Paladino, I have to ask: did he send an URGENT email to you immediately after submitting his questionnaire demanding you delete it, and insisting it was a mistake and meant as a joke, and that he simply meant to forward it to a couple of buddies but his “reply” by accident? My guess is that he did not – which would debunk his already weak defense to the contrary.

  • UncleBluck

    “There’s no doubt in my mind that New Yorker Donald Trump used political underdog Carl Paladino’s upset win over entrenched establishment republicans in the New York gubernatorial primaries as the playbook model for his presidential bid.”
    I disagree. I believe Trump began his bid for the presidency in 2011 with his taking the hand off of the “Birther”issue and running with it……

    • Jamie Moses

      Okay… that’s true… but Carl ran in 2010… and the birther issue was a touchstone for the people supporting Carl…

  • jeffsimon

    Jamie: Shouldn’t someone with your position and reputation know how to spell Allen Ginsberg? Just asking. Happy New Year.

    • Jamie Moses

      Yes I certainly should. And I knew Allen personally since I was 14 and have his books so you’d think I’d know better. I confess I am a careless speller.

  • smoochie

    It seems that by this logic you’d be obliged to print anything offensive anybody submitted, otherwise it’s ‘censorship.’ Prepare for my essay about the joys of phallic mutilation.

  • Thurg00d Stubbs

    I believe that whether or not he lied about sending those comments “accidentally” is extremely important. In my opinion, that action sheds more light on his character than the racist nonsense. Archie Bunker made lots of ignorant racist remarks, but deep down inside he was a decent and honest man. He didn’t run away to the suburbs when the Jeffersons moved in next door.
    Everyone knows that Carl makes ignorant racist comments. If he lied about sending them accidentally, that makes him a dishonest, sniveling weasel.