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iPhone 4 iPhever

I don’t usually write about electronics, that’s typically reserved for Tech Voice. I don’t know how this stuff works, I just like to play with it. Last week I stumbled upon an iPhone 4, without really putting any effort into getting one. I got lucky. My mother walked into an AT&T store, without even realizing the new iPhone had been released, asked the clerk about it and was told they had one left after hours and hours of selling them to people who had pre-ordered the phone weeks in advance. The clerk told her that someone had pre-ordered the phone but never came to pick it up, so, thinking quickly, my dear and thoughtful mother immediately purchased the phone.  People waited in lines for hours to purchase the newest device from Apple and, in some cases, hilarity and ridiculousness ensued:

Actor Jason Bateman was actually booed when he cut in front of a line of 2000 people to get his iPhone first:

To avoid the ridiculous lines one NFL player paid a young girl $2000 for her iPhone after she waited in line for 15 hours:

In NYC, spots in line at Apple stores around the city were going for $1000 a  pop:

Some people even resorted to selling their time in line on craigslist:

As my mother signed the receipt for the $199 device something curious happened: a young man walked into the store to buy the iPhone 4 that he had reserved, but was late to the store to pick up. “Sorry, we just sold the last one,” the clerk said, as he shot a glance at my mother who was quietly slinking out the front door with a little white box in hand. Sorry to who’s ever phone I now have….but if you had hired someone from craigslist to wait in line for you then you would have your phone and this blog wouldn’t exist.

  • Marco

    good stuff. You are a lucky guy. Bet your father is great too.