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5 Reasons Artists And Models is Back With A Vengeance

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Artists & Models 2010

DJ Bev Beverly myseriously turning knobs as she begins her set

After a year off, Artists and Models returned to a new venue with new music, absurd instillations and plenty of alcohol to lubricate an already surreal experience.

5 reasons Artists & Models is back with a vengeance.

1. DJ Bev Beverly rapping like Sir Mix-A-Lot – Beverly laid down her own version of “Baby Got Back,” spitting her rhymes in the voice of a large black man with the help of her universe of electronic toys. Tinkering with her mixer, she modulated her voice down a few octaves and rapped like the 90’s hip-hop star, as the final act of the night.

A member of The Strip Teasers performing her one woman act.

2. Pasties – The Strip Teasers performed their sensual burlesque show proving that it’s not as difficult as it might seem to make a roomful of artists in drag and flesh tone body suits feel a little uncomfortable.

3. “It’s like an acid trip without the acid!” – is what a friend texted me as I pulled into the parking lot of the Rock Harbor Yard. She was right. No illicit substances were necessary to take a trip into the unknown on this night. The massive concrete warehouse on Tonawanda Street had many hidden rooms, including one which can only be described as a bad trip in a psychedelic forest. The floor was lined with pine needles, branches and other strange objects as three fellows, one of which wearing a flesh tone body suit, wandered, as if in a trance, around the bizarre room, peeling hard boiled eggs and spitting milk at the wall. If you’ve seen the video for the Flaming Lips song “Watching The Planets” then you might be able to picture the strange atmosphere these artists created.

Two performers in stretchy blob costumes.

4. The Performers – Performance artists of different varieties snuck through the crowd all night, surprising audience members with different interactive themes. One artist roamed the floor in a gas mask and red afro, “tattooing” audience members with swirling patterns in neon colors. Two other performers in matching blue and pink stretchy blob costumes wandered the venue dancing and embracing as if to illustrate the barrier that exists between us as humans, specifically between men and women. There was also a “Free Stimulus Packages Booth” where a wacky haired, Lucy Van Pelt like character in a mock psychiatric booth handed out boxes of cards with short inspirational phrases on them.

A local tattoo artist drawing psychedelic shapes on audience members.

5. The Crowd– A melting pot of people ages 18-70 showed up to enjoy all the bizarre attractions at this years party. Some attendees even dressed in drag and other crazy get-ups to became part of the show themselves. Many ventured to an outside party area where barbecue ribs were served and drum circle improvised jams for the crowd. A computer generated pattern was projected onto one wall of the warehouse which guests could manipulate by  waving their arms in front of it. A few creative audience members quickly learned that a cartwheel or flying kick was the most effective way to create some fantastic images. By the end, only a lucky few experienced everything A&M had to offer.

The "Atomic Energy Generator" stimulated patrons with fragrant energy from an array of live blooming flowers and other botanical wonders

All photos by Ben Gardner

-cory perla

  • Sandi

    I am so impressed with the photographers ability to capture a moment. His eye for subject matter is keen and his reflex is impressive. There is no doubt that he will someday become well known in the larger circles of photographic journalism.
    SG FL