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Filed under: See You There, Tonight!

Israeli garage-punk band Monotonix prepare to infiltrate Mohawk Place on Sunday (April 18). If you want to get a good grasp of where this band is coming from, just visit their myspace page and click on their photos. They are hairy, vulgar, usually half naked, (you can kind of tell they probably smell like beer and sweat just by looking at them), and all they care about is making as much noise as possible with blunt objects and steel guitar strings… and thats where their brilliance lies. They completely lose themselves in their live show. They’re not doing it for the audience, they’re doing this for their own twisted pleasure, and one can’t help but become immersed in the sheer debauchery of it all. Live footage of the band usually depicts frontman Ami Shalev scaling any vertical object with a foothold that he lays his eyes on and eventually leaping off of it into a sea of fans. The band was forced to cancel a show for the first time in Janurary when Shalev injured his leg after jumping off of drummer Haggai Fershtman. The band boasts that it was the first show in their 700 show history cancelled due to injury. Audience members can usually choose just how involved in the mayhem they want to be, but a word to the wise: start practicing your axehandles and windmills now.

cory perla

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    This show was insane. Article was right on but I don’t think anything could have prepped me for this maddess. Glad I went. Solid AV