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Rhythm can be a drug. Imagine a tribe huddled in a drum circle as they build upon a rhythm, adding one beat, one drum at a time. Usually this is a religious or sacred event. As the rhythm builds and builds the participants lose themselves in the music, sometimes even becoming delirious from it. It can cause a group of people to feel like a collective unit, giving them the ability to anticipate where the beat will go next, like they’re sharing one mind. This is what Philadelphia based dub step/world band Telepath aims to do. But instead of a circle of drummers, the band has one drummer and a lot of electronics. Add in arabic, indian, and afro-beat influenced samples that they’ve created, washed-out synthesizer effects and a funk bassist to anchor it all down, and  Telepath can really get the crowd moving. The band will take the stage at Soundlab on Friday (April 9), along with fellow Philly based grime and dub DJ, Starkey. Starkey, aka PJ Geissinger, is poised to release his sophomore album Ear Drums and Black Holes (Planet Mu Records) on April 19.

cory perla