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Falafel Bar heads to North Buffalo!

Falafel Bar’s Elmwood location is no longer open but there’s good news for Mediterranean food lovers in North Buffalo.  Owner/Executive Chef Oded Rauvenpoor recently opened Falafel Bar across the street from UB South Campus (3476 Main Street, Buffalo, 716.831.3822). 

Customers can embark on an authentic Middle Eastern experience as they witness their food being prepared at a counter displaying various ingredients. The main menu is similar to Falafel Bar’s Amherst & Allentown locations but new additions have been added like Schawarma (marinated chicken, beef or lamb) and Gyros (sandwiches made usually of beef or sliced roasted lamb, onion, and tomato on pita bread).  There will also be a new line of Middle Eastern hamburgers, including vegetarian versions.  Customers will be able to make their own sandwiches, whether they choose flat pita or pita pockets. 



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