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The UB 2020 Bill and Sutton’s Law

The Albany Times Union reports that a gaggle of Albany architects and contractors are among the business concerns wanting SUNY Albany included in the upcoming UB 2020 / SUNY empowerment summit. They fear being left off the gravy train if the proposed legislation applies only to SUNY Buffalo. Click here to read the accompanying letters to Governor Cuomo.

Why is it that we rarely hear from academia calling for freedom to raise tuition, and relaxation of state oversight for real estate deals and public/private partnerships at SUNY? Instead, it’s always SUNY administration and the business community.

On a related note, did you know that famous illegal withdrawal specialist Willie Sutton (pictured at right, with associate), when asked why he robbed banks, did not, in fact, reply “Because that’s where the money is”? The apocryphal quote became the basis for “Sutton’s Law,” which is frequently cited in medical schools to teach prospective doctors to look for the most obvious diagnosis first.

Sutton himself corrected the misquote in his 1976 book Where the Money Was.

“Why did I rob banks? Because I enjoyed it. I loved it. I was more alive when I was inside a bank, robbing it, than at any other time in my life. I enjoyed everything about it so much that one or two weeks later I’d be out looking for the next job. But to me, the money was the chips, that’s all.”