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Dollies Pull Off Thrilling Last Jam Win Over the Saucies

Guest Post By Vile Love It 

The Queen City Roller Girls home season has seen some super tight games and this past Wednesday’s rematch between the Suicidal Saucies and the Devil Dollies didn’t disappoint. With more lead changes than you could keep track of, the Dollies squeaked out a 161-173 win in the exciting last jam.

Dollies jammer McCreadie pulled her team to within 2 points of the Saucies in the second to last jam and then both teams’ clutch jammers:  Rosi for the Saucies and Double Barryl for the Dollies lined up on the track. Unfortunately for the Saucies, Rosi headed to the box early in the jam leaving Double Barryl on the track to calmly gather up the winning points.  She cemented her team’s victory and then hung out in the back until the period clock wound down and the Dollies maintained their 2-0 record against the Saucies this season. 

This was an important game for the Saucies. They lost to the Dollies in the home season opener (179-113) the largest point spread of any home game this season. The Saucies then went on to beat the Alley Kats 174-158 on February 3rd. 

The Dollies, on the other hand, have fallen to the Kats twice. On January 13th they lost by 3 points in another last jam win (164-161) and then again on February 13th 133-115.

In the Saucies mind, it might have been: we beat the Kats, the Kats beat the Dollies, so therefore, we should beat the Dollies. But it just doesn’t always work out like that. First, the Saucies were down several players.  Maggie de Sade is out with an ankle injury. TeKill’ya Sunrise is also injured.  Fresh Slaughter Pearl, Poisonous Peaches and Chet UpStandUp sat out Wednesday’s game due to a variety of issues. The Saucies did pull up Veggy Cowgirl and Emma Dilemma from the Queens Court to fill in and they both made quite a difference.

Veggy Cowgirl is the first Queen City Junior Roller Girl graduate to skate in the adult league and she has made an immediate splash. She has skated games with the Queens Court and recently made the Subzero Sirens travel team. Veggy skated with the junior league for four years and is the eldest daughter of QCRG co- founder Sissy Fit (who herself used to play for the Saucies) so suffice it to say, she’s been skating since before she could walk. She also played on the Junior World Cup Select Team in 2014.  She is a versatile player and was effective as blocker (sometimes pivot) and jammer. 

Emma Dilemma also filled in as a Saucie on Wednesday night. She is a recent transfer from Toronto Roller Derby where she played with the Gore Gore Girls for 5 seasons including 2014 when that team won the prestigious Canadian Beast of the East Tournament.  She was quite effective as a blocker and looked at home in her hastily made red t-shirt.

The Dollies remain under the strong coaching of Senor Wiener assisted by Assistant Coaches and Lake Effect Furies players Ivana LeiHerOut and LiBrawlian (who is also co-coach of the Subzero Sirens). Senor Wiener crafted a team of a select few of anchor veteran blockers including Chickadeemolish, Lip Service, LaBatt Bruise and Bully Holiday and then packed in a solid group of rookies and second year skaters. His rookies, however, aren’t all “technically” rookies.  Double Barryl played for Watertown before she took a year off for knee surgery and a baby. McCreadie and May Bringdowndahaus were with Niagara Roller Girls before they came south.

The Saucies relied heavily on Rosi, Flame Throw-Her, Sigourney Cleaver, and Veggy Cowgirl as jammers (with both Rosi and Veggy playing double duty as blockers). 

The Dollies were down regular jammer Jules Burns and so spread the jammer love around to SlamUwell Jackson, Erin Go Braless, Nic Nugget along with regulars Double Barryl, McCreadie and Raspoutine. 

The games started out a defensive battle with “hit it and quit it” jams where few points were scored. Eight minutes into the game the score was only 13-10 with the Saucies in the lead. Although there were jams where one team was ahead by 10 or 15 points, neither team dominated for more than a jam. At the half the score was Saucies 60, Dollies 59.

When a game is this close it is difficult to point to a statistic that won or lost the game for either team.  The Saucies had a total of 8 penalties in the first half but then doubled it for a total of 24 penalties. The Dollies had 16 penalties in the first period and 15 in the second. Dollies caught lead jam slightly more often than the Saucies, but they couldn’t always capitalize on it.


Chris Kalisiak (CK Photographic Systems). Shot at 1/8th Second.  

One fan said the score board resembled a basketball game, back and forth, back and forth but in the end, the Dollies were able to keep their winning record against the Saucies. Fans can see the full bout footage from the game here on QCRG’s youtube channel

The home teams are taking a break during March as the Lake Effect Furies and Subzero Sirens take center stage at Riverworks. The Lake Effect Furies open their home season against neighboring Roc City All Stars with the Subzero Sirens playing against Roc’s B Sides on March 6th and follow that with a Subzero Sirens + Lake Effect Furies Mash up Expo bout on Friday April 11th. You can always find ticket at  




Alley Kats Hold On to Repeat Against the Devil Dollies

QCRG 2-13-16-4943
Guest Post By Vile Love It

In the first rematch of the 2016 season, the Alley Kats and Devil Dollies took the track in a game that often matched old school derby against new strategies.  Although the Dollies were able to come within striking range of the Kats several times, and kept the score tight up until the last few minutes, old school won out that night and in front of a sold out crowd this time the Kats skated away with their second win of the season 133-115 (both against the Dollies).  

The last time these teams met this season the Kats won in a nail-biting last jam 164-161 for their first win in four years.  In Saturday’s game, the Kats pulled out ahead early in the first period and although the Dollies came to within 9 points several times, the Kats were able to stay focused, keep their penalties low and the pressure high and, most importantly, keep the lead through to the final whistle.

The Dollies have adopted the latest braced wall, sometimes called a quad, made famous by the nearly unstoppable Victorian Roller Derby from Australia.  Victorian nearly toppled the Gotham Girls Roller Girls in the semi-finals at the Womens Flat Track Derby Association Champs using the incredibly strong and agile wall formation.  This formation is new for the Dollies and they are still perfecting it since it requires lightening speed reformation.

On the other side of the benches, the Alley Kats kept up a fairly steady four wall across the back line on most starts.  They only set up using a braced wall in one jam to shut down the Dollies’ Double Barryl.  Even in the pack, they relied on simple walls and tough hits to control the Dollie jammers and blockers.

The Kats also employed another “oldie but goodie” derby strategy and frequently grabbed a lone Dollie blocker and held her in the back of the pack behind a wall of Kats (the blocker is fondly referred to as a “goat” by players and coaches).  The pack is defined by the most players from both teams within proximity to each other (10’ if you want the technical definition).  So the Kats kept control of the pack and reduced the Dollies blockers’ ability to keep blocking their jammer.  It’s an old strategy and the Kats successfully used it again and again.

The Kats relied on their core jammers:  Ashes t’Ashes, Karsmashian and Evil-Lyn Cognito throwing in Ana Killinspree and ½ Pint Destroyer to shake things up.  On the other hand, the Dollies spread the jammer helmet cover around.  Double Barryl and McCreadie stayed in the regular rotation but they also used Jules Burn, Raspoutine, Nic Nugget, SlamUwell Jackson and Erin Go Braless.  Notably, it was the Kats veteran Jammer Evil-Lyn Cognito who was out in that last jam to ice the game for her team – just as she did back in their first match up. 

Another sold out crowd takes in a QCRG bout at Riveworks.

Another sold out crowd takes in a QCRG bout at Riveworks.

Out of all of the Dollies jammers, Nic Nugget had the most penalty trouble, catching back to back penalties in the second period.  Double Barryl skated away with a goose egg of penalties by the end of the game, the only jammer to spend no time in the box. She was also their highest scorer and most consistently won lead jam status.

Both teams had a significant number of jammer penalties: the Dollies had 8 and the Kats had 10.  All in all, the Kats only had 24 penalties (including their jammer penalties) and the Dollies had 27.  This was notable given the high physicality of the game.  The Dollies focused more on strategy and less on heavy hitting, with the exception of May Bringdowndahaus, Chickadeemolish and, of course, Lip Service, who sent many Kats jammers packing throughout the night.

The Kats have a cadre of heavy hitting blockers, and in the second period, much of the Dollies’ offensive strategy was distracting ½ Pint Destroyer, and PaulverizHer.  But that left Knot Nice and Ana Killingspree to pick up the slack.  And they did.  Generally speaking, on a home team front, heavy hitting generally goes hand in hand with high penalties but the Kats kept it clean.

The Dollies will be back on the track on Wednesday, March 6 against the Suicidal Saucies.  

First though, the Subzero Sirens will take on the Niagara Roller Girls on Wednesday February 17 at 7 p.m. and the QCRG Juniors and the Queens Court will be playing in a double header on Sunday, February 28 at 2 p.m. (Juniors play at 2 p.m., the Queens Court about 4:30 p.m.) Tickets available at