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The Buffalist: Aug 17-23


“Life goes by so fast
You only want to do what you think is right.
Close your eyes and then it’s past;
Story of my life”

  “Story of My Life” -Social Distortion






 5.  Go to a damn Buffalo Bisons game (Aug 21-23)

(Still one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen)

Bisons games are a great cost-effective way to have a good time.  I know, I know.  Baseball isn’t for everyone.  Sometimes it can be downright boring.  If you are a baseball fan, this is just a reminder that we have great AAA baseball being played right here in our own city and Friday is Zombie Night/Friday Night Bash.  If you aren’t a baseball fan, I have good news.  We have a great AAA baseball team playing right here in our own city and you can get pretty hammered on the cheap there- transforming baseball into an edge of your seat spectacle.  Once you get inside, head up to Pettibones Grill where you can enjoy some relatively inexpensive drinks (not like Bills or Sabres games) and sit on the balcony to watch the game.  I went a few weeks ago on a beautiful Friday night and it was an absolute blast.  There aren’t many places left where you get 3+ hours of entertainment for 15 bucks, so get out and enjoy the summer tradition of Bisons baseball.  Seriously, when’s the last time you’ve been?

4. Party on the Portico @ The Buffalo History Museum (Aug 21)


The Buffalo History Museum will be hosting the 10th annual Party on the Portico this Friday.  The event features booze, door prizes, free appetizers, music (The Rockaz) and of course Buffalo history-related things to do.  There will be free 15 minute tours of the museum as well as the majestic views of Hoyt Lake and the surroundings to enjoy.  Plus, you can nerd out with other history buffs while drinking at a damn history museum.  Tickets are 5 bucks for members and 10 bucks for the rest. 

3. Brian Posehn @ Helium Comedy Club (Aug 20-22)

Comedy veteran Brian Posehn is coming to Buffalo this week and I highly recommend checking him out.  An original cast member and writer for the legendary Mr. Show with Bob and David, (did you know there are new episodes coming to Netflix??) Brian has gone on to play parts in dozens of TV shows and movies as well as releasing 3 comedy albums.  He was even in a Seinfeld episode, the one where Kramer acts like he has gonorrhea so medical students can determine his illness (okay he doesn’t play a big part in that but any excuse to watch a Seinfeld clip is a great thing).  He’s a true nerd comedy hero- if jokes about Star Wars and metal music are your thing, don’t miss this show. 

2.  7 Seconds @ Mohawk Place (Aug 21) 

I have been waiting a long time for this one.  Hardcore punk legends 7 Seconds will be playing Mohawk Place on Friday and holy shit I can’t believe I’m saying that.  One of the most influential punk bands of all time, 7 Seconds has been slaying faces with their positive brand of hardcore since 1980 (wikipedia says they actually coined the phrase “hardcore” calling themselves “hardcore new wave”).  I know the term “straight edge” gets a bad wrap, but back in the early 80’s bands like 7 Seconds and Minor Threat were deeply dedicated to living a mostly Spartan lifestyle that avoided drugs and alcohol to encourage youth to stay focused on making the world a better place.  That positivity bleeds through in the music, with singer Kevin Seconds belting out lyrics about unity and nonviolence.  The opportunity to see one of the most influential punk rock bands of all time at an intimate venue like Mohawk Place has me absolutely psyched.  Get your tickets soon as I guarantee there will be no tickets available at the door.

1.  Social Distortion @ Town Ballroom (Aug 18)

Few things could have me more pumped than seeing 7 Seconds, but this is one of those things.  I feel like I’ve been throwing the term “legend” around a lot for events this week, but man, Social Distortion is another seriously legendary act.  Formed in 1978 in California, “Social D” has put together an incredibly impressive career.  Punk/Rockabilly icon Mike Ness has come to exemplify the entire genres in a lot of respects, with his gravelly voice that combines the world weariness of Johnny Cash and the visceral immediacy of Sid Vicious.  They’ve released 7 full length albums, including the essential Mommy’s Little Monster and their self titled 3rd album that features “Ball and Chain” and the above “Story of My Life.”  They are also emblazoned in punk history as being a part of the fascinating rock documentary Another State of Mind that features a young and precocious Social Distortion and LA’s Youth Brigade on their first tour.  I saw Social D last year at a festival and they were basically tiny little Lego people at the end of a sea of thousands of people, so the chance to see them at Town Ballroom is pretty exciting.  It is currently sold out, so keep checking craigslist for updates.  That’s where I was able to get my ticket.  Good luck and see you there!   


Other notable Events:  Rumble in the Belt @ Mohawk Place (Aug 22), Lynyrd Skynyrd @ Artpark (Aug 18), The Tins @ Bidwell Park (Aug 18)

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!

You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook as well for Buffalo event updates.


The Buffalist: Aug 10-16



“We know where we’re going / But we don’t know where we’ve been / And we know what we’re knowing / But we can’t say what we’ve seen / And we’re not little children / And we know what we want / And the future is certain / Give us time to work it out.”

  “Road to Nowhere” -Talking Heads






5.  They Kill Things @ Silo City (Aug 13)


Torn Space Theater will be presenting They Kill Things at Silo City this Friday and it is looking to be a very unique and exciting event.  Not only is this the first opportunity to see the guts of the Perot and Malt House grain elevators, but also you will be able to enjoy and support some tremendous local theater.  For the un-initiated, Torn Space Theater is a collaborative collective of local artists working together to create “original, aesthetically innovative performances” and to “introduce internationally-renowned, contemporary drama to Western New York.”  According to the Facebook page, they will “transform Silo City into an epic landscape, focusing on a secluded society celebrating the summer harvest as they prepare for the arrival of a visitor.”  Sounds like some sort of uniquely Buffalo Children of the Corn scenario to me.  Gen Admission tickets are 20 bucks and VIP tickets are 50 and can be purchased here.  

4. Keb’ Mo’ @ Asbury Hall (Aug 13)

Keb’ Mo’ (AKA Kevin Roosevelt Moore) will be bringing his modern take on the “Delta Blues” to Asbury Hall and if you are the kind of person who enjoys Robert Johnson (he actually played him in a documentary) or Muddy Waters you ought to enjoy this show.  Hailing from Compton, CA but residing in Nashville, TN, Keb’ Mo’ expertly combines modern blues with its old-fashioned country cousin.  Give the above video a listen and if you close your eyes you’ll swear it was recorded long ago.  Not only is Keb’ Mo’ an accomplished musician (he has 3 Grammys to prove it), but he also is very involved in political activism.  He is an active member of the No Nukes Group and has performed and recorded several songs for charity.  Asbury Hall is one of the best sounding venues in Buffalo so I expect this is an event you won’t want to miss.

3. Mac Demarco @ The Tralf (Aug 16)

The sometimes distantly bizarre and sometimes deeply emotional (yet always interesting) Mac Demarco will be playing The Tralf this Sunday.  He just dropped his fourth album Another One last week and it is a fascinating listen that ought to be making some waves on end of the year top album lists in a few months.  If you’ve never heard of the guy and think he just popped up out of nowhere you’d be right.  The Edmonton native picked up and moved to Vancouver after High School and pretty much consistently has gained more notoriety since then.  His first album Heat Wave had a small release under the weird monicker Makeout Videotape and sold out faster than they could make them.  In 2012 he made the change from Makeout Videotape to his own name but continued to make infectiously relaxed and often strange music.  Give his new album a listen as I’m sure of course that he’s going to be playing a lot of it at the show.

2.  Authority Zero @ Town Ballroom (Aug 11)

Although formed in 1994, Authority Zero didn’t record its first full length album until 2002’s A Passage in Time.  That makes them technically a 90’s California punk band and if you know anything about that style of music, then you know what to expect.  Best listened to while skateboarding or a dank basement with empty Jolt Cola cans all over, Authority Zero’s sound embodies a specific time and place in the history of punk music when bands like Rancid, Blink 182, NOFX, Offspring and Green Day reigned supreme.  I know, older folks may cringe at the notion that 90’s melodic pop punk bands have joined the likes of Black Flag and the New York Dolls in the annals of punk legend.  But let’s face it, Authority Zero began in 1994- over 20 years ago- and Green Day was elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Get in touch with your 90’s angsty teenage self and check this show out, I’m sure it’ll be a blast.   

1.  Screen Play: Life in an Animated World @ Albright-Knox Art Gallery (All Week)


Tabor Robak (American, born 1986). A*, 2014. Fourteen-channel HD video with real-time 3D, edition AP 1/edition of 3 and 2 APs. Running time: 9 minutes, 46 seconds. Collection Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Sherman S. Jewett Fund, by exchange, 2015. Photograph courtesy the artist and team (gallery, inc.).

Tabor Robak (American, born 1986). A*, 2014. Fourteen-channel HD video with real-time 3D, edition AP 1/edition of 3 and 2 APs. Running time: 9 minutes, 46 seconds. Collection Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Sherman S. Jewett Fund, by exchange, 2015. Photograph courtesy the artist and team (gallery, inc.).

  It’s the dog days of hot summer so what better time to check in at the air conditioned Albright-Knox Art Gallery.  Although there is no bad time to visit this jewel of Buffalo, they are currently (until Sept 13th) displaying an exciting exhibit about animation and digital art.  Since they are professionals and can explain it much more eloquently than an amateur like me, an excerpt from their website says: “Animation permeates twenty-first century culture; from movies and television to videogames and advertising, it fills virtually all of the screens ubiquitous in contemporary life. Screen Play: Life in an Animated World is the first exhibition devoted exclusively to examining the work of contemporary artists who use the techniques, technologies, and tropes of animation as tools in their practices.”  Everyone should put this place (along with the Darwin Martin House and Canalside) on their must do list when giving out-of-towners a tour of the city.  I’d be willing to be they have no idea Buffalo has a treasure like this.   

Other notable Events:  You, Me and Everyone We Know @ Waiting Room (Aug 13), G-Nome Project & Sonder @ Buffalo Ironworks (Aug 11)

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!

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The Buffalist: Aug 3-9

TheBuffalist“Getting older makes it harder to remember,
We are our only saviors,
We’re gonna build something this summer”

-The Hold Steady “Constructive Summer” 


Hi, I’m Chris and I’m new here.  The above quote is from one of my favorite songs and I think it sums up what my goal is with this blog.  We’re all getting older and busier but that doesn’t mean we can’t get out and help be a part of continuing to build up this Buffalo community that is currently flowering into a renaissance.  I’ll try and help by putting together a list of 5 things to do this week.  We’re busy, but I think we can handle that.  It’s also a good list for when you have people coming in from out of town and you need to throw together a quick list of things to do.  I’ll be publishing this weekly so check back every Sunday/Monday-ish for updates.  You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook as well if you are into that sort of thing.

5.  Buffalo Vaggie Fest VI (Aug 8)


This Saturday, punks from as far as Montreal and Philly will descend upon Buffalo to partake in the 6th annual Vaggie Fest.  First off, let’s talk about the venue.  Buffalo’s Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle was founded in 1895 and is the oldest surviving Polish library in Buffalo.  According to the website, the library holds 12,000 volumes with over 400 hand copied plays.  I’ll be honest, I had never heard of the place until now.  Checking out this interesting piece of Buffalo history ought to be worth the price of admission even if their wasn’t any music involved.  Vaggie Fest itself (a play on words that recalls Veggie Fest and the fact that this is an event that celebrates women in punk rock/ hardcore) will consist of 9 straight hours of a full frontal assault on your ear drums and your face from 17 different bands.  The lineup is impressive, with bands like VCR from Toronto, Pretty Boys from Montreal and local rockers Blobs.  If you have an interest in punk rock or feminism or both this ought to be a fun and exhausting way to spend your afternoon and evening.

4. Slow Roll: Buffalo (Every Monday)

Let’s just get this out of the way early.  Yes, the Buffalo Slow Roll is slow.  I know it’s in the name, but they really aren’t kidding.  If you are a hardcore cyclist or an impatient person this is not the event for you.  However, if you don’t mind a relaxing cruise through the nooks and crannies of Buffalo’s urban landscape with upwards of 300 people then you won’t be disappointed. The Slow Roll movement started in Detroit as a way to explore the city’s unique neighborhoods and grow biking culture and has expanded to 8 other cities so far.  Buffalo is a perfect location for an event like this as it gets people into areas of the city they would not normally see and gives Buffalonians yet another fun thing to do during the summer.  The concept is simple and perfect- meet at a bar, go for the ride, end at a bar for drinks.  This Monday (Aug 3rd) they will be meeting at Larkin Square, but check the website hyperlinked above as they change venues every week.

3. Tour the Colored Musician’s Club Museum (Wed-Sat 11-3)

colored musicians club

What often gets lost in the rich history of Buffalo is that the city used to be a major hotspot for Jazz (and its offspring) in the US.  At one point there were upwards of 30 different Jazz clubs with frequent acts like Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald who followed the “chitlin circuit” from New Orleans to NYC.  I was lucky enough to get a tour of the Buffalo Colored Musicians Club Museum where local African American musicians based out of (they weren’t allowed in the white-only Buffalo Musician’s Union so they started their own) and it was a phenomenal experience.  Don’t be intimidated if you don’t know much about Jazz/Blues etc as the museum is designed for both experts and newbies alike.  There are stations where you can privately listen to full tunes from important historical figures from Scott Joplin to Aretha Franklin to Miles Davis (seriously if you haven’t listened to Kind of Blue you are missing out, just click the link).  There are also fun things for kids to do, as they can test out different instruments and see how they interact with the band as a whole using little mixing stations tuned to hits like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “Take the A Train.” The staff is incredibly friendly, passionate and knowledgeable and very welcoming.  I highly recommend this great museum.

2.  Psychedelic Furs @ Town Ballroom (Aug 8)

Legendary British art rock band The Psychedelic Furs will be in Buffalo Saturday night.  Many I’m sure would recognize their big hit “Love My Way” (produced by Todd Lundgren who was just in Buffalo a few months ago) off their 1982 album Forever Now.  They also wrote the title track to one of America’s most beloved 80’s movies.  Although the original version of “Pretty in Pink” was written on their 1982 album Talk Talk Talk, it of course later brought them major fame in the States for being the inspiration for the movie of the same name starring the perfect Molly Ringwald in 1986.  Should be a great show, dig into a few of their albums this week and see if it is your thing.

1.  Buffalo Brewfest @ Buffalo Ironworks (Aug 7)

(Don’t let this be you)

Another beer festival?  Sure, why not?  Bonus- this one supports the Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center Foundation so you can get hammered and do your good deed for the day at the same time.  At the Buffalo Brewfest, expect over 100+ different beers to sample from 10 different breweries both local and from out of town.  Should be an awesome event as the people over at Buffalo Ironworks always do a great job.  In addition, if you haven’t been down to the greatly-improved-but-still-work-in-progress Cobblestone district this is as good an excuse as any.  

Other notable Events:  KMFDM @ Ironworks (Aug 6), Mohawk’s Punk & Ska Extravaganza @ Mohawk Place (Aug 7)

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!


Photo Gallery: Best of Buffalo Awards Party

Best of Buffalo 2015  (19 of 27)

Photos by Julie C. Foser from the 2015 Best of Buffalo Awards party, held this past Monday, May 18th. See more Julie’s work at her website,

Congratulations again to all our winners! If you missed this year’s results, you can find them on the Best of Buffalo home page.

Photo Gallery: Pete Perrone Tribute Show

Photos by Eric M. Jensen from the Pete Perrone Tribute show, held this past Saturday, June 28th. The event featured performances by Girlpope, The Irving Klaws, The Steam Donkeys, Wolf Tickets, Willie And The Reinhardts, Missing Planes, Bobo, and Mikel Doktor with Jeff Miers, in tribute to the late owner and operator of the Mohawk Place.


A Handful of Best of Buffalo Photos

All photos by Cy Alessi

Clutch comes to the Town Ballroom


Friday, August 10

If you flip through Clutch’s song repertoire, you’ll come across lyrics touching on the subjects of John Wilkes Booth, trucks, and beer. After a switch up in frontmen in the 1990s, Clutch came into the southern stoner style of rock they’re known for now. The Maryland band has released nine albums in their decades of performing, and experienced their first taste of chart success in 2001 with the album Pure Rock Fury and the song “Careful With That Mic.” In 2004, the band caught the attention of group of a famed jackasses. Bam Margera directed the music video for the song, “The Mob Goes Wild.” It starred the late Ryan Dunn, and featured others from the casts of the MTV shows Viva La Bam and Jackass. That single off the album Blast Tyrant, continued the band’s radio playtime, and the album was reissued under the band’s own label, Weathermaker, in 2011. In the week of the album’s re-release it sold about 3,000 copies nationally landing it No. 36 on the Billboard Hard Rock Top 100, more than seven years after the original album debuted at No. 15. The band’s sound migrates around from heavy metal, hardcore punk, hard rock, and with more recent blues influences. Clutch will be at the Town Ballroom on Friday (Aug. 10) with High on Fire, Lionize, and Monster Truck. — sara dinatale

7pm Town Ballroom, 681 Main St. (852-3900/ $20 advance, $24 day of show 16+

Tonight: Ingrid Michaelson at Town Ballroom

 Tonight. 7pm. Town Ballroom, 681 Main St. (852-3900 / $24 day of show.

            What do you get mix a piano, a quirky personality, and witty wordplay? Well, you get indie singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson. Don’t recognize her name? You’ve heard her music everywhere – from Old Navy advertisements to Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill episodes to So You Think You Can Dance where a mother danced to her song and dedicated it to her children. VH1 named Michaelson as a “You Outta Know” artist and even The New York Times has said she’s “singing her way from obscurity.”

            With such catchy lines – like “let’s get rich and buy our parents homes in the South of France; let’s get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance” – you’ll be singing along and bouncing to the piano, ukulele, and acoustic sounds. Her songs often explore love, relationships, and the loss of both, but she remains surprisingly optimistic. Her melodies bridge between haunting and smooth to soulful and poppy – it’s hard to quite pin down what Michaelson is all about.

            She’s the daughter of a composer and sculptor; the arts have been in Michaelson’s veins since birth. After receiving a degree in theatre from Binghamton University, she began self-recording and self-releasing her music in 2002 via Myspace. She’s released five albums since, after music producer from Grey’s Anatomy found her Myspace page in 2006. Her most recent release, Human Again, has been out since January.

            If you’re in the mood for a refreshing night of music mixed with Michaelson’s impeccable and captivating stage presence, head over to Town Ballroom tonight (July 20). -rebecca bratek

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