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3rd Annual Zaireeka Listening Party

3rd Annual Zaireeka Listening Party

Thursday, September 22

It sounds like something you’d shout after a great idea pops into your head from the omni-buffering collective unconscious, “Zaireeka!” It’s really the name of the Flaming Lips eighth studio album, or rather eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh studio albums counting all four discs on which the album was recorded. Receiving an initial review of 0/10 on the fastidiously managed, Zaireeka is the imbecilic brainchild of a band who believes that no idea, however impractical or technologically incompatible, is worth giving up on. Perhaps Pitchfork missed the social component required to properly experience the album. The easiest way to listen is to find three friends who own boomboxes (assuming you own one as well), insert one disc into each boombox, set all four boomboxes to maximum overdrive (assuming your boombox has that setting), and blast off into an other-worldy dimension where time exists only as a figment, and hallucinations supersede reality. If you can’t find four CD players (a hard feat to conquer in MP3-ality) go to Sugar City’s Zaireeka listening party on Thursday (tonight!) to hear the album the way it was meant: sitting Indian-style on a floor in a room full of oddly dressed strangers while tripping on psychedelic substances. —brett perla

Brothers Past @ Soundlab

Brothers Past

Thursday, August 25

Electro-pop ridden punk-funk in a cave of crystallized wistfulness: that’s how I’d describe Philadelphia four-piece Brother’s Past, who will be hitting Soundlab next Thursday (August 25). These free-spirited fauxto-punks specialize in a punk-jam hybrid, creating a sound that falls somewhere between Bowie and Bossa Nova. Formed in 2000 by guitarist/vocalist Tom Hamilton, keyboardist Tom McKee, bassist Clay Parnell, and drummer Rick Lowenberg, Brother’s Past has released three studio albums and one EP, hitting their peak in 2005 with the critically hailed This Feeling’s Called Goodbye. Following the release of their 2005 self-affirming masterpiece, along with relentless touring in the albums wake, the band unexpectedly called it quits…temporarily. With drummer Lowenberg leaving to pursue his luck in environmental law, and tasting less than buttery success with the drummer’s replacement, the band concluded that a hiatus was their next best move. After taking off most of 2008, the band reunited for a show on New Years Eve in West Chester, Pennsylvania, selling out the venue in less time than an episode of Pepper Ann. Brother’s Past has since resumed touring, but yet to release a follow-up to the acclaimed This Feeling’s Called Goodbye. Funk-rockers Pia Mater open the show. —brett perla

9pm. Soundlab, 110 Pearl St. (440-5907 / $13. 18+.



Thursday, Aug 18

Breathe Carolina

“Your cold pale skin and tainted purple lips, let me embrace you with this kiss.” Aside from summing up the temperament of an entire musical genre, this line, from the song “The Words ‘Best Friend’ Become Redefined” from Chiodos’ 2005 debut album All’s Well that End’s Well,  acts as a time machine, recalling an emotional state of being filled with despair, insecurity, and confusion. No, I’m not talking about the other morning when my dad mistook me for my mother, but rather the days of mid-high school, when emo music trended; the pants were tight and the girls were tighter. Regardless of attention paid to it, the emo scene is alive and screaming. Proof of it’s prosperity lays in the “Scream It Like You Mean It Tour” hitting Xtreme Wheels on Thursday (Aug 18). Breathe Carolina and the aforementioned Chiodos headline the tour, which also features I See Stars, the Color Morale, Tek-One, and The Air I Breathe.

—brett perla

6pm. Xtreme Wheels, 356 Hertel Ave (893-2900/ $15 advance, $17 day of show.

Thrilling Thursday: Wiz Khalifa or Tokyo Police Club?

Wiz Khalifa

Some use E-Z Widers, others use Zig Zag, some forego papers altogether and head straight for Philly Blunts. Whatever you use, you’ll smell them all burning when Wiz Khalifa rolls through Artpark next week as part of his Rolling Papers World Tour. Most commonly celebrated for his chart topping 2010 Pittsburgh rally anthem “Black and Yellow,” Khalifa, a self-righteous Pittsburgh native, is no newcomer to the rap game. Since bursting onto the scene in 2005 with his Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania mixtape, Khalifa, real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz, has become a hip-hop contender, having taken the stage with heavyweights like Method Man, Red Man, and Snoop Dogg. Rolling Papers, the rappers latest release and major label debut, sold nearly 200,000 copies in its first week, ranking in at number 2 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart, and has since gone gold, amassing over 500,000 sales; a noteworthy feat for an artist in the digital age. Khalifa plays all the hits from the album on its namesake tour, along with plenty of old favorites. Rapper Big Sean, basking in the haze of moderate success after his 2011 debut Finally Famous, and token toking rapper Chevy Woods share the mic with Khalifa as they light up Artpark next Thursday (Aug 4). —brett perla

7pm. Artpark, 450 South 4th St., Lewiston (754-4375 / $32.50 reserved seating, $22.50 lawn.

Tokyo Police Club

This Thursday (Aug 4), Thursday at the Square closes out the series with Tokyo Police Club at the Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf. Hailing from Toronto, Tokyo Police Club have gained fame and stardom through their witty lyrics, bright and energetic sound, and through a healthy presence in social media. Born out of the minds of Greg Alsop (drums), Josh Hook (guitar), David Monks (vocals, bass), and Graham Wright (keys, percussion) in 2005, Tokyo Police Club have since been quickly propelled into the limelight, performing on the Late Show with David Letterman three times, at the Juno Awards (where the band was nominated for “Alternative Album of the Year”) this year alongside Arcade Fire, and touring in 2010 with Passion Pit. Tokyo Police Club played at Soundlab in February of this year while a blizzard stormed through the Queen City and the surrounding areas, but the band is back this summer to bask in the Buffalo sun. “We’re excited to be back,” Greg Alsop said. “I love Buffalo, it’s such a beautiful area.” When asked about closing out the series, he replied: “We’re excited to be doing it, it feels great to be asked” From the beginning of the annual summer concert series at the Square when Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes took the stage back on June 2nd to ending the year with Tokyo Police Club, coming from just across the border to close out the series, Thursday at the Square has amassed quite a variety of musical talent and spectators alike. —michael koh

5pm. Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf. ( Free.