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Friday Videos

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It’s Friday. Have a good one. 

Here is how you race a car: 

Here’s what Canalside looks like: 

Here’s what it looks like to land a huge aircraft in heavy crosswinds: 

Here’s what it would look like if you rode a solid rocket booster with the Space Shuttle: 

Here’s police response times in Detroit: 

Here’s Lou Reed with Gorillaz: 

Here is Warsaw commemorating the 1944 Warsaw Uprising

Here’s a pilot’s eye view: 


Buffalo River Fest Starts Tonight!

Buffalo River Fest

Friday, June 15 through Sunday, June 17

Take in the scenic beauty of the Buffalo River and iconic grain elevators this weekend for the 12th annual Buffalo River Fest, running Friday (June 15) through Sunday (June 17) at the all new Buffalo River Fest Park, located on Ohio Street in downtown Buffalo near the First Niagara Center. Just a few short years ago, the land that now houses River Fest Park was a forgettable stretch of overgrown brush, litter and chain link fencing with zero access to the river.  After years of hard work and planning from Peg Overdorf and the Valley Community Association, the area has been transformed into a First Ward oasis, perfect for a waterfront festival showcasing the Buffalo River and the rich history associated with the industrial corridor. Festivities throughout the weekend include a local artists and artisans show, live music, food and refreshments, beer garden, historic walking tours, museum tent, E.M. Cotter fire boat rides (Sat & Sun), River Regatta (Sat 11am), Pyromancy Fire Performance Troupe  (Sat night),  and much more. Don’t forget to take the short walk down to the naval park on Sunday at noon for the Buffalo Scholastic Rowing Association’s first annual “Round-the-Stake Races,” recreating the historic boat races between Buffalo’s rival rowing clubs during the early 1900’s.  River Fest starts tonight at 6pm, with the Urban Renewal Band hitting the stage from 8pm to midnight. —jon wheelock

Complete 2012 River Fest schedule at

Album Review: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad — Country

Album Review: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad — Country

From the very first track of Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad’s new album, Country, you’ll notice a sound that’s quite different from GPGDS’s usual comfort zone. Is that a banjo?  A fiddle?  Don’t be alarmed, this is their comfort zone. What some might quickly peg as a departure from their familiar lineup of roots reggae/psychedelic-inspired improv, Country is, in fact, an album that solidifies what the Rochester-based quintet has been doing all along: writing sincere, heartfelt songs marked by meaningful lyrics and stellar musicianship.  It won’t take long for even their most avid listeners to realize just how much roots-reggae and roots-Americana music has in common. As one could surmise from the title, country music definitely comes into play in their new release. But it’s less of a country music album than it is an album about our country, and for a band that has toured our great nation as much as GPGDS has over the years, this might be their most organic, natural musical output yet.

Americana and folk take center stage in Country, with the band trading in their electric arsenal of instruments for acoustic instrumentation that includes banjo, slide guitar, harmonica, and upright piano. Everyone trades off on the vocals, which are blended beautifully and seamlessly into harmonies and simple, yet poignant lyrical melodies.  Purists can rest-assured, there’s still plenty of reggae to be heard in Country, with the opening track “Sunshine” maintaining that familiar reggae guitar vibe under folky vocal harmonies.  Similarly, “In These Times” takes the off-beat reggae rhythms and transforms them into a honky-tonk shuffle, complete with jangly piano ditties and a Southern banjo twang that recurs throughout the album.  Songs like “Country” and “Kids in the Square” reflect a much deeper sense of time and place, recalling the revolutionary fever and call for change that have defined the recent Occupy protests. “It’s my country too/I can do anything I want to” they remind us on “Country,” which is almost certainly a call-to-arms for the 99% who have been cast aside by the system The band throws in a cover of the Grateful Dead’s “New Speedway Boogie” for good measure, paying homage to a band known for its own eclectic style and genre-skipping tunes.  Country culminates with “All Night Music,” shuffling along “’til the sun come up,” as they say, and it’s exactly the kind of laidback song you could listen to in those quiet wee hours of the morning.

 “We walked into Joel’s studio and he just pressed record,” describes bassist James Searl about recording with longtime sound engineer, Joel Scanlon.  “This is what got laid down.  It was unplanned, fun, and real.”  There couldn’t possibly be three better words to describe what Country represents.  In what is sure to be an expansive musical timeline for Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Country makes perfect sense. —jon wheelock

Giant Panda will perform cuts from Country as well as previous favorites this Friday (Feb 3) at Nietzsche’s.

Peter Case @ the Sportsmens Tavern Wednesday

Singer/songwriter and native of Buffalo, Peter Case, is an immortal. After two decades of songwriting the 57 year old from Hamburg has kicked it into overdrive, releasing two albums since the begining of the 2010 as well as starring in a documentary about his own life called Troubador Blues. “Is there a place in our fast-moving, hyper-informational mess of a culture for the traveling singer-songwriter?” This is one of the questions asked in Troubador Blues, which will debut this Friday (Oct 14) at the Buffalo International Film Festival with Case and Director Tom Weber in attendance. “It’s nothing like making an album,” Case said as the subject of the film, which was shot over the course of eight years. “You change as a person over that much time,” he said. Case is a workhorse. After taking some time off to recover from major heart releated surgery that almost killed him, he bounced back to release two albums within a year; 2010’s Wig, a rowdy and celebratory 11 track album, followed by this year’s Case Files. “These are songs that fell through the cracks,” Case said of Case Files, which he went on to describe as an “archival album,” full of Bob Dylan-like politico-folk tracks that range from near rap to full on rock, including a western-blues cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Good Times, Bad Times.” Case breathes new life into these tracks, that he once considered lost, from throughout his 25 year career. This Wednesday (Oct 12, TOMORROW) the three time Grammy Nominee returns to the Sportsmen’s Tavern, as part of a 100 date, coast to coast tour. “It’s different coming back to Buffalo now, but I still feel that strong emotinal connection with this place” Case said. He’ll get together with a couple of old pals—Jim Whitford, Mark Winsick, and Rob Lynch—to play as a full band and hopefully top last summer’s wild, sold out set. Dee Adams, Mark Norris, and Dave Ruch will open the show with a tribute set of Case songs as part of The Good Neighborhood’s Tributaries series benefiting Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper. —cory perla

7pm. Sportsmens Tavern, 326 Amherst St. ( $15.

Check out some live footage of Case in the video below

Hubris Local Massacre

Hubris Local Massacre

Andy McGirr of Hubris

Buffalo extreme metal has experienced a revival in the underground recently; bands like Hubris, Pneumonia Hole, Atrichous, Hellcannon, and Pig Rectum have all formed in just the last couple years, and mostly out of a frustration at the lack of extreme metal acts outside of the hardcore spheres. Bands like Hubris have had many opportunities to show off with national acts in front of their crowds, but at the expense of shorter sets. Now these bands will have a chance to give it all they’ve got at Broadway Joes for the Hubris Local Massacre on Friday (Sept 16). The spotlight is on these six bands, ranging in genre from thrash to black metal, who will have a chance to play extended sets to their own followers. With full length LPs on the way Hubris and Pig Rectum look to prove themselves to their hardcore crowds while Hellcannon will play in support of their recently released album Infected with Violence. Pneumonia Hole, one of the two openers, features Eareckson Murray from Cain (and Amish Noise), whose face has been a symbol of the Buffalo metal underground for years now, and Atrichous features Nayla Krystal, a lady guitar wizard, formerly of Chicken Fist. Metal fans don’t miss this local massacre tomorrow night at BJs. —a.v.

7pm. Broadway Joe’s, 3051 Main St. (837-3650/ $10.

An Interview with Comedian Kathy Madigan

Kathy Madigan

One of the funniest women in America performs at Kleinhans this week

Something in the name Kathy generates hilarity. Next to Kathy Griffin, another Kathy has got jokes—Kathleen Madigan. You may have seen her on NBC’s Last Comic Standing as the only female comic to ever go unchallenged. She’s made David Letterman feel uncomfortable and impressed Jay Leno with her hysterical observations of everyday life. Recently named one of the “Nine Funniest People on the Planet,” she will be stopping by Kleinhans Music Hall  on Friday (Sept 9), as part of the BPO Nation event series. AV caught up with Madigan early Saturday morning to talk about her experience in Afghanistan, China and feelings about the upcoming election.

Artvoice: You like to talk about sports, politics, aliens and smoking. What’s on your agenda for your current tour?
Kathy Madigan: I always talk about my family because they’re easy material—Irish Catholic drunken family. And probably politics because that’s starting again. I cannot believe the amount of crazy people who are for real running.

AV: Anyone in specific?

KM: Michele Bachmann. They have tapes of her saying the rapture is coming soon. I said to my friends, I don’t want a president who thinks it’s the last call. I do like that the John Huntsman guy speaks fluent Chinese. We’re going to need someone to answer the phone when they start calling for their money back.

AV: What was it like entertaining the troops in Afghanistan?

KM: We went to one foreign operating base and there were 150 Humvees lined up but no bathroom! I’m like you’ve got 150 Humvees here but nobody one can pick up a porta-potty? Really? The state fair figured that out, why don’t you call them and find out where they release all their porta-pottys. It was unbelievable to me! How do you not treat your soldiers better than that?
AV: You perform overseas quite a bit. Is there ever a disconnect in your delivery with the language barrier?

KM: Oh yeah. China was ridiculous. They had someone prompting on stage with us. I’m like are you kidding me?  The shows are terrible. All I wanted to do was get out of there.

AV: So you would tell a joke, wait for it to be translated, and then maybe hear a laugh?

KM: Yeah, and then they wouldn’t get it anyways. It just became a 50 minute staring contest. I pretended it was the Olympics of staring and it was the United States against China and I totally won.

AV: Who would you encourage to come out to the show on Friday?

KM:  All of my stuff is light and ridiculous. So it’s not like I really have a point. Anyone who just wants to have fun. And maybe the Irish Catholic working people. I would probably remind them of their cousins at the family picnic who drink too much beer in the chair. I’m that lady. —emilie hagen

Slyfest 6 Begins Tonight

Sly Fest 6

Friday – Sunday, August 26 – 28

Universe Shark

Three days of art, music, culture, and uniting people under the common ground of peace and positivity. That’s the impetus behind Slyfest 6, a three-day festival held in the spacious North Fork Music Park in Warsaw. The annual fundraiser—now in its sixth year—is presented by the Slyboots School of Music and Art in Downtown Buffalo, a multifaceted collective/institution that offers music lessons, rehearsal and studio space, art and design classes, and workshops to help foster the kind of creativity that makes Buffalo such a special place for music and art. From Friday (Aug 26) to Sunday (Aug 28) North Fork Music Park will be transformed into makeshift community of artists and musicians from all walks of life, with a must-see lineup of bands that includes former BOOM winners Dali’s Ghost, world beats and grooves from One World Tribe, electro-duo the Manhattan Project, Syracuse’s own Sophistafunk, as

One World Tribe

well as sets by Buffalo favorites Aqeuous, Ramfornikus, Peanut Brittle Satellite, Universe Shark, and the Jony James Blues Band among many others. Headlining the event is five-piece outfit Surprise Me Mr. Davis and their rootsy Americana jams. Visitors can expect a wide array of foods, music, paintings, sculptures, projections, interactive music and art workshops, fire dancing, hula-hooping, hot air balloons, swimming, hiking, camping, YOGA, hand-made clothing, accessories, crafts, and whatever else you might end up discovering along the way. Festivities begin at noon on Friday, so take a break from the city and head out into the fresh countryside air for a weekend of great music, art, and atmosphere. —jon wheelock

12pm, Friday to Sunday. North Fork Music Park, Warsaw. (315-771-1414 / $40 advance weekend pass, $60 at the gate.

Miss Tess & The Bon Ton Parade

Miss Tess & The Bon Ton Parade

Friday, August 19 at the Buffalo Historical Society

Saturday August 20 at the Sportsmen’s Tavern

Miss Tess, singer and songwriter, comes up from Brooklyn for a two-night show right here in Buffalo. She has been compared to Tom Waits, Beirut, and Madeline Peyroux, but her style of music can be difficult to categorize. Miss Tess is inspired by jazz–especially swing–but her sound is also the culmination of blues, country, and folk. She celebrates her recently released EP, The Waltz Set and her performances have been lauded by critics: “…these aren’t just catchy songs with retro arrangements, you’d swear they were 30 or 40-year old standards.” Miss Tess is currently on tour, promoting her new EP, and she was recently nominated for an award for “Best Jazz Act” and “Best Roots Act” but was the recipient of the “Outstanding Folk Artist of the Year” in 2008. Come and enjoy her shows! —michael koh

5pm Friday, Aug 19. Buffalo Historical Society, 25 Nottingham Court. ( $5 members, $10 non-members.

9:30pn Saturday, Aug 20. Sportsmen’s Tavern, 326 Amherst Street (874-7734 / $10.


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