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AMERICA Returns to Artpark

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For most of the northern hemisphere, summer begins on the solstice; sometime on June 21. But for those of us who don’t carry a solar calendar or require a wrist watch, we use the best and secretly Western New York’s traditional way to know when spring changes to summer; we listen for it. We hear summer come in at

Next Tuesday Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley return to usher in Western New York’s summer.

Artpark.  This year our summer begins at 8pm on Tuesday, June 29 when AMERICA takes the stage.

AMERICA first took to the stage 40 years ago. They’ve been through the desert on a “Horse With No Name”—it’s biblical. And although they are no longer teenagers, many of their fans are. I found this out when I was speaking with a crop of this year’s college kids. AMERICA was one of their favorite bands. Nothing unusual there, but the difference was; they were fans of AMERICA’s new music from the album Here and Now. Terrific songs such as “Ride On” and “Indian Summer.”

They are fantastic tunes. I’ve added Here and Now to my collection of Ventura Highway and Tin Man.

Each year I wait for Maria Costello to send me a message letting me know what the Artpark line-up will contain. And unlike Thursdays in the Square where the program has completely tanked, Artpark’s “Tuesdays in the Park” and Wednesdays in the Gorge” are skyrocketing! It’s incredible. This year, following AMERICA, there will be performances by The Guess Who, George Thorogood, The Doobie Brothers and Foreigner, just to mention a few.

And on Wednesday, August 18, David Nolf opens for Sloan from Halifax.  Last year at Artpark, David Nolf opened for AMERICA, for a combination that many called the Best Show of their lives!

And while no column would be long enough to list all of the great shows Maria Costello and company compiled for another great season; it’s only a short ride to Artpark in Lewiston to listen for yourself.

Black Rock / Riverside Fundraiser

Next Thursday, April 22, from 5 until 10 pm there will be a $10 fundraiser at the Polish Cadets on Grant and Amherst Streets. Steven Balesteri will bring his band to be joined by rocker David Nolf along with 103.3 The Edge radio personalities Shredd and Ragan. Many other special guests will be on hand to support the Riverside / Black Rock Little Leagues. Beer and light fare will be served.

Canadien and American Scientists choose Vancouver to celebrate David Nolf’s Birthday!

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On February 12, 1988, Canadien and American Scientists hatched a plan so secretive that the television program X-Files was forbidden to allude to its specifics in an episode planned for broadcast on December 21, 2012—some 10 1.2 years after the series’ last episode aired on May 19, 2002.

At the time, in 1988, now missing investigators claimed: “If Roswell New Mexico was Area 51, Grand Island was about to become Area 52.”

According to a redacted file, which the British Government claims no longer exists, the same scientists that came so close to their objective by secretively evolving nucleotides in the DNA of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Marc Scibilia, John Mayer, and the All American Rejects, achieved success with “The Nolf Child.”

One can only imagine his parents surprise the first time they woke up to one-year-old David playing blues on the piano their family had mysteriously won just the day before! Only to be followed by his rendition Santana’s “Evil Ways” on a guitar the Post Office had mistakenly delivered the next day!

Now, 22 years in the making, and after last summer’s opening for America at Artpark, followed by a solo performance at the University of Pittsburgh, people are waiting for Dave’s CD.

And there are others who are wondering if it will incorporate new technologies never seen before…