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The Buffalist: Sep 14-20


“I have loved
But I’ve lost all that they gave me
They all try to save me
But I’m seeing this thing through
And these feelings of remorse
They leave me no recourse
So I pour another glass
Fail again and again

But as long as there is whiskey in the world
We can drink away the heartache
We can drink away the girls
Oh we long to love but we never touch
As long as there is whiskey in the world”

“As Long as Their is Whiskey in the World” Good Morning, Magpie

-Murder by Death


5.  Trail Running Film Festival @ Screening Room Cinema Cafe (Sep 10)

Kicking off the 30 city North American tour, Buffalo is the FIRST city in the country to view these adventurous films. Watch daredevils conquer treacherous trails, battling climates and terrain that most of us have never faced. These films will have you sitting on the edge of your seats, leaving you feeling as though you could overcome anything you encounter. They will have beer from Southern Tier Brewing Company for you to sip on as you are taken on a virtual run through forests, up mountains, beyond emotional obstacles and across the finish line.  All proceeds from this event will benefit Erie County Parks and help maintain the great trails we utilize and love!  (by Brian Stewart)

4. Of Montreal @ Babeville  (Sep 14) 

The eclectic rock group Of Montreal will be at Ani Difranco’s Babeville and tickets are still available for now.  Starting off as a member of the Elephant 6 music collective out of Athens, GA (famed for the legendary Neutral Milk Hotel who played Babeville this winter), Of Montreal’s musical output has included everything from electronica to folk to punk to jazz to funk.  I imagine there are a few more that I missed.  More than anything else, they’re quirky and a whole lot of fun.  Their outstanding 13th (13th!) album Aureate Gloom is a trip back to 70’s era CBGB where glam and punk reigned supreme, so that should make for a great live show.  The beautiful and great-sounding Babeville is perfect for a band like this.

3. Jim Breuer @ Helium Comedy Club  (Sep 15-16)

Comedian Jim Breuer comes to Helium Comedy Club this week so blow the dust off your old copy of Half Baked and get caught up with an old friend.  The SNL vet has been around for a long time, and his comedy certainly reflects the growth and wisdom that comes along with that.  But at heart he’s still the same fun stoner-dude that you’d love to grab a beer with.  He also was a part of one of my favorite Marc Maron’s best podcast episodes, revealing to him the backround machinations of why Maron was passed over for Weekend Update gig.  Check him out this week, he’s one of the safest bets you’ll ever make to laugh your ass off and have a great time.

2. The Avett Brothers @ Artpark (Sep 19)

Bluegrass and Americana have seen massive renaissances of sorts in the last decade or so, and a portion of that is attributable to The Avett Brothers.  Their 8 studio albums have been mostly fantastic and their live shows are a wildly fun time.  Seth and Scott Avett’s sound has softened a bit over the years since teaming up with Rick Rubin, but their live shows are still a raucous affair.  There are few bands out there who can vacillate so deftly between soulfull ballads and foot-stomping crowd pleasers so expect to be doing a lot of dancing while they rock the stage.  Artpark can be a hell of a party with the right band, so this ought to be a real fun night of revelry.


1.  Murder by Death @  The Waiting Room (Sep 16)

 Murder by Death’s Good Morning, Magpie will always have a special place in my heart.  A few years back I spent a little time under-the-weather when I lived in Alaska, and this album was the soundtrack to that winter.  Singer Adam Turla and cellist Sarah Balliet warmed my cabin while lightly sipped bourbon and gazed out out at the cold, snowy woods surrounding me.  I wore that record out- it actually had the same place where it skipped every single time during the same song.  I just popped it up on my computer and I immediately recognized the spot, half expecting it to happen again.  As you can guess, I highly recommend going to see this band.  They are a tremendous live act, and I have yet to find a person who doesn’t like them when introduced.  I know the name suggests a harsher sound, but they have a beautifully velvety sound that goes down like an expensive glass of whiskey.  I’ll be there this Wednesday at The Waiting Room to see them, and you should be too.


Hot Takes:  BPO Opening Night Gala: Lang-Lang Returns: Kleinhans (Sep 16), Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure @ North Park Theatre (Sep 19)

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!

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This Weekend: Ani DiFranco at Asbury Hall

Ani DiFranco with Pearl & the Beard

Sunday 22, 7pm. Asbury Hall at Babeville (341 Delaware Ave). $37/$32.50., 888-223-6000

 As you most likely know, Ani DiFranco is a hometown self-described “Little Folksinger” who was born in Buffalo, spent part of her twenties in New York City, then returned to her hometown where she established Righteous Babe Records and then performance venue Babeville. Since the beginning of her career she has influenced fellow musicians, activists, and indie-minded people. Her experiences living in New York City, Buffalo, and New Orleans, activist concerns, sharp wit, and inspiring messages of personal and political change shine through her uniquely poetic songwriting. DiFranco has carried her recognizable sound and style throughout her eclectic and successful career. Performing with DiFranco is Pearl and the Beard, a folk pop band from Brooklyn, which is self-described as “three voices, one cello, one guitar, one glockenspiel, one melodica, several drums, ninety-six teeth, and one soul.” Given that description, their sound is delightfully cohesive and indeed bound by “one soul.” Pearl and the Beard perform each note with nuanced emotion that pairs well with DiFranco’s own folk earnestness. Ani DiFranco and Pearl and the Beard will perform for a sold-out crowd Sunday (April 22), both performances are sure to entertain and invigorate.

-jill greenberg

Saturday: Ellen West CD Release Party at Babeville

Michelle Buono has been a steady fixture in Western New York rock circles for the last decade and a half, for writing, singing, and playing guitar in the “soft/heavy” contrasting indie pop outfit the Missing Planes, as well as for her adventures as the one-woman act Ellen West. Buono took her time following up the 2006 Ellen West solo debut Preparing to Be Forgotten, and the resulting record, The Weight of Nothing Will Crush You, proves a stark and haunting collection of engrossing, atmospheric songs. Recorded by Matt Smith at Hi/Lo Studio, the 10 tracks pitch Buono’s unique voice—an oddly uncompromised balance between ethereal and gritty—as an emotionally taut backdrop of themes like loss, pain and loneliness. The record bears a dark, autumnal feel colored by Buono’s love of minor chords and her impassioned wail. Backing comes throughout from percussionist Liz Holland, multi-instrumentalist Jesse Mank, and even a Super 8 projector chugging in the background of “Revolutions Per Split Second.” However, this is primarily an Ellen affair and her powerful voice and emotionally naked songs—drawing apt comparisons to acts that inspired her like Throwing Muses, Elliott Smith, and Madder Rose—are what truly charge the record, from the aching of “Bleeding or Scarred” to the driving, Fugazi-esque “Optomist” and the psychedelia of “Fat Tuesday.”

Ellen West celebrate the release of her new record with an 8pm show on Saturday, April 16, at the Ninth Ward in Babeville, with special guest Roger Bryan.

donny kutzbach


Thursday, February 17: Play bingo, win art at Hallwalls

Celebrity bingo caller Ron Ehmke and the Real Dream Cabaret will direct the proceedings Thursday (Feb. 17) at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Babeville at Asbury Hall. That’s right, it’s church bingo—only it’s a benefit for Hallwalls, so the winners take home genuine works of art and booze is available at the bar. Bingo boards are $5 apiece. Doors open at 7:30pm, and the games begin at 8pm.

Wednesday, December 8: Reactionary Ensemble and Nimbus Dance

We wrote in this week’s cover story that Surround: Visual, a collaboration between Reactionary Ensemble, nimbus dance, and a host of other artists and volunteers takes place on Thursday, December 8.

That date does not exist: It’s Wednesday, December 8. Sorry for the lousy proofreading.

To reserve a good seat and help out the artists, visit the event’s Kickstarter page.

Win Tickets to See Ani Difranco at Asbury Hall, November 2

Only a few days left to enter for your chance to win tickets to see Ani Difranco, with special guest Ane Brun this November 2nd at Asbury Hall.

to enter: Draw, paint, sketch, decoupage or create Ani’s likeness and bring to Artvoice by October 28th. Our panel of judges will select 5 winners to receive a pair of tickets to the November 2nd show, along with prize packs. Good luck!

The Artvoice office is located at 810 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14202. Please drop off your submissions during business hours: Monday through Friday, between 9AM and 5PM.

Dykes of Hazard Variety Show

Comedian Kristen Becker, in addition to “Doin’ Time” at the weekly Tuesday night comedy series at Nietzsche’s, for the past three years has been driving her Dykes of Hazard (DOH) comedy tour all over the country gathering audiences from Buffalo to Berkeley and everywhere in between. From big theaters to small bars, the Dykes of Hazard can entertain in any type of venue, in nearly any part of the country (well…within reason). Starting in 2010 Becker will reunite with former cohorts Ava La Fey, Jenny Wilson, and Karine Amato in a monthly variety show which is at once a blend of sketch comedy, standup, burlesque, and social satire. From local gossip to international headlines and political issues, the DOH is an intelligent mockery that skewers social taboos in a blend of humor and sexuality. It’s a provocative show, but hilarious and should become a quick hit. Each month will feature a musical guest, and this week brings local band the Manipulators.

—frances boots

Jan 11, 8pm. Ninth Ward at Babeville, 431 Delaware Ave. (852-3835 / $10

The Pines @ Babeville

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10jpgThe Pines are a folk duo armed with talent, wit, and pedigree. Member Benson Ramsey is the son of Bo Ramsey, producer and sideman to prominent folker Greg Brown. He and other half David Huckfelt are both Iowa natives who met in Arizona, began performing in a Mexican barrio, and then moved to Minneapolis (Bob Dylan’s hometown) to launch a career. Part of the Americana revival in indie folk, they play mellow, pretty songs and dress like 19th century woodsmen.  Unlike many of their contemporaries, however, the Pines’ music is marked by a stark and mysterious feel; if Conor Oberst sold his soul to the devil in a Robert Johnson fashion, the result would sound a lot like this band. It’s a darker shade of twee pop, but the songs are often uplifted with jangly guitars and driving rhythms and grooves—keeping gigs far from solemn. Their performances got them a lot of attention at last year’s SXSW festival, being named one of the highlights by, and whatever’s hot at SXSW is definitely a big gig for Buffalo. The Pines are touring around their latest CD, Tremolo (Red House Records), and come through Buffalo tonight (Thursday, Dec. 11) at Babeville/Asbury Hall’s Ninth Ward. Michele Weber and Vic Lazar open the show.
geoff anstey

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