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Friday, August 12th

Metal: a solid, typically shiny material with good electrical conductivity. Heavy metal: highly distorted, callous sounding rock music with amplifier volume knobs twisted past eleven. How do the two relate? Characteristics of each definition surface in 20 plus year prog-metal veterans Queensryche, who blast ear-pulsating heavy metal with stellar conduction to hundreds of screaming fans nightly. Despite surviving in the cut-mic music business for two decades, Queensryche lead vocalist Geoff Tate still recognizes the difficulty in fostering creativity and inspiration out of the same band members he’s worked with throughout his career. In regards to playing in the band for the span of his musical livelihood, the singer says on the group’s website that “the problem when you’re in a creative environment is keeping things fresh and invigorating, and after working with the same people for 20 years, it gets very difficult—you walk into the room, and everybody knows what everybody is going to do.” All creative burdens aside, Queensryche’s 20 million album sales worldwide, 11 studio albums, and incessant concert tours quantify their success as metal musicians. Catch Queensryche’s performance at the Molson Canal Concert Series this Friday (Aug 12). —brett perla

5:30 to 11pm. Molson Canal Concert Series, Ulrich City Courtyard, 80 Main St., Lockport ( Free.

K-Holes @ Soundlab


with Call of the Wild, Fatal Figures, and Utah Jazz

Monday, August 8

It’s been a while since a band has come along with a name that so rightly suits their sound. Brooklyn’s K-Holes push a brand of art-infused swampy garage-rock that is just as capable of making you achieve an out-of-body hallucinatory dirge as their namesake suggests. Cramps-style drumming, guttural male/female vocals and scrappy overdriven surf-punk riffs create a cacophonous scene involving the most terrifying party music you’ll likely hear for some time. What sends them over the top is the inclusion of a saxophone which can drive a song from haunting to almost celebratory in a matter of seconds without sacrificing an ounce of depravity, you know, to keep things filthy. It’s that same kind of lights-out sexed up swagger that made bands like the Gun Club so memorable. Fellow Brooklynites Call of the Wild are along for the ride with the promise of more high-octane rock n’ roll than a trio should be allowed to handle. Soundlab’s doors open at 8pm, so don’t be late. The off-kilter dance punk antics of Utah Jazz will put a smile on your face right before the punk and roll of Fatal Figures slap it right back off. —eric kendall

8pm. Soundlab, 110 Pearl St. (440-5907/ $6.

Photos from OAR’s performance at Artpark


August 3rd, Artpark

The gloomy weather and chance of showers didn’t keep many from opting out of the OAR show last night. There was little breathing room between the thousands of fans who made their way to Artpark to watch OAR jam—music so reminiscent of many folks’ college days. And to everyone’s luck, the weather held up throughout the night.  Special props to the trumpet and saxophone players who joined OAR.  The set was even more fantastic than most fans expected! —emilie hagen

Photos by Neil Kryszak