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Marble Machine Plays Music Using 2000 Marbles

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This incredible device, built by Martin Molin, looks like something DaVinci and Dr. Suess came up with while drinking together, but damn, is it amazing.  Molin also has a series of videos on his Youtube channel detailing the build of this mechanical marvel.


This Modern World: Life…Wasted?

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Allentown Hit by Mass Tire Slashing Saturday Night

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Many residents of Allentown woke up Sunday morning to find tires on their cars slashed.  Cars parked Saturday night in the Allentown area, on numerous side streets between North and Edward, had at least one tire slashed each.  Cars on the street were mainly targeted, but cars parked in driveways were also targeted.  The Buffalo Police Department has been recording the license plates of affected vehicles, and talking to homeowners hoping to find video footage of the perpetrators.


This Modern World – Future Imperfect

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Lawyers for the Arts – Full Photo Gallery

DSC_4521Check out this full gallery of shots from this past weekend’sLawyers for the Arts performance at the Tralf.  Photos by Glenn Murray.  You can view Glenn’s other photo albums at

Photos from Lawers for the Arts 2016

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DSC_5044LFTAJAPhotos by Glenn Murray


FaceBook Elects President Ben Carson

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Carson 1
In 2012, only 54.9% of eligible voters elected Barack Obama to a second term. While almost half of the voting population doesn’t bother going to the polls, millions vote every day on social media by clicking the “like” button on Facebook posts, profiles and pages.

Now, The folks at FiveThirtyEight, an ESPN-owned site that focuses on polling and politics, did an in depth analysis and ranking of the Facebook “likes” for each major candidate in the upcoming US presidential election.

They call it the “Facebook Primary,” and based on FaceBook, the winner is Ben Carson. That would be the same Ben Carson who came in dead last in the real world primaries of Iowa and New Hampshire.
Apparently getting lots of “likes” doesn’t mean anyone really wants you running the country. This might be a good lesson for those who have allowed their virtual world to consume their real world lives. It’s like all those people who click on Facebook that they are coming to your event and never show up. Or all those Facebook “friends” that you have no idea who they are.

Subzero Sirens Keep Up Winning Ways, Subdue Greenbelt Riot

Following up on their debut win 230-160 against the Hammer City Harlots in January, the Subzero Sirens put up another win this past Wednesday against the Greenbelt Riot, the travel team of the Niagara Roller Girls beating them 253-86. Grabbing these wins against close Canadian rivals is helping this team establish an identity after the league made reviving the B travel team a priority for 2016. 
Just as they did in the bout against the Harlots, the Sirens jumped out to massive early lead and capitalized on opposing jammer penalties. This time they were able to draw that momentum out across the entire half, skating to a huge half time lead of 166-14. Lead by 5 powerjams to none, the Sirens jammers overwhelmed the Riot blockers in the 1st half – going 19/22 on lead jams. Every Sirens jammer was at least +35 in the half, with Double Barryl perfect on leads 5/5, McCreadie putting up the most points with 47, and Celery STALK Her and Double Barryl both holding their opponents on the jam line scoreless (Celery 43/0, Double Barryl 35/0). 

The second half held up similar to the Harlots game as well though as the Sirens let the Riot creep back in. The Sirens finished on a 29-1 in the final 5 jams to win the half, 87 to 72, but throughout the 2nd half the Riot’s adjustments disrupted and frustrated the Sirens blockers and most of their jammers. Lead jams swung the other way in the second half going 13/24 for the Riot, and the jammer penalty differential closed tighter with 3 for the Sirens and 4 for the Riot. 

Playing awe struck in the first half it seemed like the Riot needed to bottom out before they could focus and play their game in the 2nd. As soon as they did, they looked like a team that belonged and overall in that 2nd half they were able to minimize the damage caused by Sirens jammers not named Celery STALK Her. Tightening their jammer rotation in the 2nd half, playing with a bit more discipline, and focusing on controlling lead jam percentage were all successful moves and they will walk away from this bout hopefully remembering and focusing in on those positive in game adjustments. 

For the Sirens, the two first half leads they have built in their first two games show the promise of this revived B team. They have the ability to dominate the opposition with a solid 1-4 jammer rotation that generally plays clean and smart. The only glaring problem is that they let their foot off of the gas. This is typical for skaters who play in win/loss environments, but for the skaters on this team who wish to play for the Travel A Team – The Lake Effect Furies – this kind of drop off is unacceptable. Weights and ratios demand that every jam counts. It can be tough for skaters to develop that cut throat attitude towards opponents, but it is something this B Team will have to work on. Riot jammer Homewrecken Holly was also able to exploit the outside lines against the Sirens blockers in the 2nd half by taking hits and spinning out while staying in bounds. It happened enough times that the Sirens blockers should focus on communication and lateral movement to close those lines off in the future. 

Unsurprisingly, the skater who had the best complete game for the Sirens is one with the most experience as a Furie, Celery STALK Her. Skating with the Furies from 2010-2015, Celery is now Co-Captain of the B Team. In the jammer rotation for this game, although typically a pivot, Celery was dominant –  going 65/4 overall for a +61 rating, 70% lead percentage, 0 penalties and also a 28-0 jam in the first half to break the spirit of the Greenbelt Riot. The Riot were able to put up double digits against all Sirens jammers in that 2nd half except for Celery.

The Sirens now have a short break before heading back out on the track at Riverworks in the double header, and Furies Season Opener, against Rochester (Roc City) on March 6th. Tickets are already going fast for that bout, so fans should order ahead if they want to beat lines at the box office or secure front row or VIP tables. 

When the Sirens do the hit the track again they may look a bit different as the team has added two new skaters to their roster – Erin Go Braless (Dollies/Queen’s Court) and the leagues first graduated Jr. skater Veggy Cowgirl (Queen’s Court). Look out for them, and for their new badass logo designed by Gelia (below). 


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