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Washington DC Paralyzed by 1 Inch of Snow!! Seriously?

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Screen shot 2016-01-21 at 1.50.17 PMWashington, D.C., was paralyzed by one inch of snow Wednesday night. Major freeways were turned into parking lots, according to The Washington Post. Thousands of people were stuck for hours — some as long as 13 hours — trying to make their way home amid the snow.
What the hell are they going to do tomorrow when DC is expected to get a real snow storm?

It’s official: 2015 ‘smashed’ 2014’s global temperature record. It wasn’t even close

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polar bearAccording an article in today’s Washington Post, last year shattered 2014’s record to become the hottest year ever recorded, based on data going back to 1880. Two separate U.S. government science agencies made the announcement today.

“2015 was by far the record year in all of the temperature datasets that are based on the instrumental and surface data,” said Gavin Schmidt, director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies at NASA, which made the announcement jointly along with NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NY to raise minimum wage today; when/if it comes, $15 min. wage will likely destroy jobs

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14005293714669New York is one of 16 states increasing minimum wages for 2016.

New York state’s base minimum wage will rise from $8.75 an hour to $9. Fast-food workers minimum wage rises to $10.50 in New York City and $9.75 elsewhere in the state.

The base h
ourly rate for restaurant servers and other tipped workers will increase to $7.50.

The increase in the minimum wage was passed by lawmakers in 2013. The raises for fast-food employees and tipped workers were approved this year by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo wants to phase in a $15 minimum for all workers, a proposal lawmakers will debate next year.

Generally minimum wage hikes give employers a combination of three choices: Take less profits, raise prices for consumers or lay off some employees.

If it is fair that people should get $15 an hour for working at, for example, a fast food restaurant, then people should be willing to pay more money for fast food products.

The increase in labor costs for example of a fast food restaurant which has 10 full time employees who will get a $5 increase will cost the fast food restaurant $100,000 per year.

Clearly the entire $100,000 will not be offset by the owner taking less profits.

Some will likely go toward increased prices of hamburgers and some through not hiring new or laying off workers.

A $15 minimum wage is going to destroy many jobs.

Vote Here Now: Conservative think tank conducting poll on Trump presidency

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Donald Trump is clearly the most polarizing figure in the upcoming 2016
election. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s gathering
massive amounts of media attention.

Though does he have what it takes to not only win the Republican
nomination, but take down Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Conservative think tank The League of Power is conducting a national poll to examine the likelihood and viability of a Trump presidency.

The results of this poll will be shared with major media outlets.

Please take just 20 seconds of your time today to let your voice be heard.

Vote Now!

Poll results thus far:
1) Do you think Donald Trump is qualified be the next president of the United States?

Yes (66,351 votes)
No (11,969 votes)

2) How would you rate Donald Trump’s chances of winning the republican nomination?

Very Likely (47,506 votes)
Somewhat likely (27,539 votes)
Somewhat unlikely (5,842 votes)
No chance of winning the nomination (2,316 votes)

3) Do you agree with Donald Trump’s Policy on immigration?

Yes, I support his immigration policy (62,948 votes)
No, I do not support his immigration policy (3,834 votes)
I agree with parts of his immigration policy, but do not fully support it (12,968 votes)

4) Which candidate would you most like to see win the Republican nomination for President?

Donald Trump (48,673 votes)
Jeb Bush (1,087 votes)
Ben Carson (8,353 votes)
Chris Christie (745 votes)
Ted Cruz (13,008 votes)
Carly Fiorina (1,781 votes)
John Kasich (348 votes)
Rand Paul (453 votes)
Mike Huckabee (1,070 votes)
Marco Rubio (1,636 votes)
Other (443 votes)

5) Which Republican candidate do you think has the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton in the general election?

Donald Trump (53,547 votes)
Jeb Bush (956 votes)
Ben Carson (6,981 votes)
Marco Rubio (3,069 votes)
Carly Fiorina (3,474 votes)
Ted Cruz (9,492 votes)
John Kasich (562 votes)
Chris Christie (310 votes)
Mike Huckabee (338 votes)
Rand Paul (360 votes)
None. There isn’t a republican candidate who can take down Hillary Clinton (849 votes)
Other (365 votes)

Book 2: JEB and The BUSH CRIME FAMILY–(Roger Stone Will Trash Anybody $$)

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Jeb Bush Apparently Roger Stone uses his exceptional talent for dirty politics to become a close insider to major political figures only to write nasty books about them later. Nevertheless Jeb and the Bush Crime Family smashes through the layers of lies and secrecy surrounding the Bush political dynasty.

Stone whips up a blistering indictment of the Bushes and portrays Jeb to be a smug, entitled autocrat who both uses and hides behind his famous name as he mingles with international drug peddlers.

Jeb received a $4 million taxpayer bailout when his father was Vice President
Used his insider status to make millions from Obamacare
Avoided criminal prosecution on a fraudulent Federal loan
Hypocritically supports the War on Drugs, despite his own drug history

After detailing the vast litany of Jeb’s misdeeds, Stone travels back to Samuel, Prescott, George H. W., and George W. Bush to weave an epic story of privilege, greed, corruption, drug profiteering, assassination, and lies. Jeb and the Bush Crime Family will have you asking, “Why aren’t these people in prison?”

Book: ‘The Clintons’ War on Women’ details Bill’s ‘Rapes,’ Hillary’s Hypocritical Cover-ups’  

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This is the stunning expose that could shake up the 2016 Presidential race.

Roger Stone (below) is a veteran Republican strategist who worked for Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and he published a book earlier this year titled “The Clintons’ War on Women” in which he accuses Bill Clinton of being a serial philanderer and a rapist who he compared to the disgraced comedian Bill Cosby.



Author Roger Stone’s expose could shake up the 2016 Presidential race. His best seller details how Bill raped women and Hilary covered up for him. The book appears to be growing legs faster than those Bill chased.

THE CLINTONS’ WAR ON WOMEN by Roger Stone is, according to its press release, “the gripping true story of the vicious sexual assault and rape of dozens innocent women by Bill Clinton and the terror campaign by Hillary to discredit, degrade and silence these women.

“Hillary Clinton is running for president as an ‘advocate of women and girls,’ but the hypocritical way she treated women in her personal quest for power could only be described as waging a war on women.

“In the stunning exposé, The Clintons’ War On Women, reveals how Bill and Hillary Clinton systematically abuse women and others – sexually, physically, and psychologically – in their scramble for power and wealth.#1 Bestseller on Amazon.”

Stone was affiliated with campaign of Donald Trump but later resigned.

Meantime Stone encouraged criticism of Hilary Clinton on social media while promoting his book.

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The Chautauqua Institution Board of Trustees today voted to move forward with its Amphitheater renewal project and awarded the construction contract to LPCiminelli, Inc., of Buffalo, New York. LPCiminelli will serve as the project’s construction manager. Let’s hope they learned a lesson from Cimimelli’s Buffalo Schools Project and keep a close eye on where the $41 million goes.

Bill Cosby stars in “Not Funny”

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The face of an unhappy man. Arrest warrant issued for Bill Cosby for alleged 2004 sexual assault of Andrea Constand. He’s expected to be arraigned this afternoon.


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