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FaceBook Elects President Ben Carson

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Carson 1
In 2012, only 54.9% of eligible voters elected Barack Obama to a second term. While almost half of the voting population doesn’t bother going to the polls, millions vote every day on social media by clicking the “like” button on Facebook posts, profiles and pages.

Now, The folks at FiveThirtyEight, an ESPN-owned site that focuses on polling and politics, did an in depth analysis and ranking of the Facebook “likes” for each major candidate in the upcoming US presidential election.

They call it the “Facebook Primary,” and based on FaceBook, the winner is Ben Carson. That would be the same Ben Carson who came in dead last in the real world primaries of Iowa and New Hampshire.
Apparently getting lots of “likes” doesn’t mean anyone really wants you running the country. This might be a good lesson for those who have allowed their virtual world to consume their real world lives. It’s like all those people who click on Facebook that they are coming to your event and never show up. Or all those Facebook “friends” that you have no idea who they are.

Canada for President 2016

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Guidance from our neighbors to the north…



Tommy Chong on Bernie Sanders

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Apropos of this week’s issue



Message from Carl: Let’s make Trump our next president

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Dear Fellow Republicans and New Yorkers, 

Last  night  America  took a giant step forward toward “Making America Great Again.” The Republican voters of New Hampshire have spoken and by a strong and decisive margin they chose Donald J. Trump as their Republican presidential nominee. 
Donald entered the race months ago, has respected the Republican Party and participated in the process just like all the others running. But he is a different kind of candidate. He is the kind of person who says what he means and means what he says. He refuses to pander and to be politically correct; he doesn’t speak Washington doubletalk. He is authentic. 
The results in New Hampshire tonight prove overwhelmingly that Donald Trump is the grassroots candidate who Republicans – and many other Americans – want to be our next President.
It’s time for New York Republicans to unite behind our own native son. It’s time to listen to our great former State Republican Chairman Bill Powers and choose a winning candidate: Donald Trump.
It is a rare opportunity for New York Republicans to play a critical role in both the nomination and the general election. Donald Trump has earned our support and now is the time to give it to him. 
His victory in New Hampshire speaks for itself. We cannot wait any longer. Please join me immediately in supporting Donald Trump. Email me at or call me at 716-854-0060 as soon as you can. We will be announcing our New Yorkers for Trump team very soon and I want you to be part of it.  
Let’s Make America Great Again. Let’s make Donald J. Trump our next President.
Carl Paladino

Michael Moore Needs Your Help

Filmmaker Michael Moore is recovering from pneumonia and a stint in the ICU, forcing him to cancel several promotional appearances for his latest work. Click here to find out how you can help promote his new movie Where To Invade Next.


Simon & Garfunkel for Bernie Sanders

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SimonandGarfunkelIn 1984, the Reagan presidential campaign wanted to use Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” at various events. Springsteen politely denied their request.

This year, the Bernie Sanders campaign asked permission to use the Simon and Garfunkel song “America” as the background for a TV ad.



Here’s Art Garfunkel explaining why Bernie’s request was granted

Paladino seeks supporters/volunteers for Trump; urges readers to contact him

    From:  Carl Paladino

To:      Everybody

Re:      Volunteers for Trump

Date:   December 29, 2015

Happy New Year, everyoneThe 2016 election is absolutely critical for the future of the United States of America. Will it be merely an election or will it be a political revolution? Do we want to let the media and Washington elite to continue to control our lives, dictate our conscience and how we think of issues, ourselves and the world around us or do we want to be the masters of our own fates, the captains of our own souls and control our futures and those of our children and grandchildren?

Are you ready to support Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for President of the United States? Do you want to “Make America Great Again” and be proud to be an American?  Trump says what we are all thinking. He will lead America and its citizens to a better day because he is a natural, experienced and fearless leader.

I am helping to organize Republicans across New York State to support New York’s favorite son, Donald Trump, in our April Republican Presidential Primary and onward to victory in November.  Join us.  Despite the “neutrality” and wariness of our state party leadership, rank and file Republican voters across New York support Trump and he will win our primary in a landslide. Now is the time to take a strong stand for the candidate willing to fight for Republican principles all the way to the White House.

Career politicians beholden to special interests have damaged and weakened our once great nation.  Trump refuses to be politically correct and pander to the media and liberal elite; instead he speaks the plain truth. He supports the men and women serving in our military and understands that our national security must be our number one priority – including the security of our borders. He understands small businesses are the engine of our economy and he will work to ensure a business environment friendlier to job creators.

Join the Trump Team, which the Trump campaign will announce in the near future, by completing and returning the endorsement card below and contacting me or 716-854-0060.


I, ________________________ do hereby pledge my support to Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States.

___  You are free to use my name in any external communications

___  I volunteer to phone bank or door-knock

___  I would like to help organize other supporters in my area

Print Name: _________________________________

Mailing Address:
Street: _____________________________________
City: _______________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________

Email: ______________________________________

Party Affiliation:

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