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Mad Max: Fury Road, is a sequel in the works?

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Title: Mad Max Runs Over the Oscars

The 88th Academy Awards came and went and actually managed to pass without too much controversy or scandal. Chris Rock did an exceptionally capable job of hosting, remaining true to himself and speaking truth to power without making things too uncomfortable for the Hollywood elite in attendance. There were some winners and losers and some definite surprises and upsets (looking at you, Ex Machina for Visual Effects), but overall we were rather pleased with how our favorites performed.

One of the biggest stories from the awards has to have been the success of a little flick you may have seen called Mad Max: Fury Road. The Australians won big at the Oscars this year with George Miller’s Fury Road taking home six awards out of its 12 nominations, easily earning more than any other film of the evening. The awards were all in technical categories, though the movie was also nominated for Best Picture and Best Director. The success at the Academy Awards was remarkable for such a mainstream film, especially one that focused so much on action and style. This recalled the success of other Oscar-winning mainstream franchises/films such as The Lord of the Rings, Avatar and, Gladiator, and they have more in common than you might think.

One of those similarities would be belonging to the esteemed pantheon of Oscar-winning films that also boast their own video game adaptations. Among these are classics like Lord of the Rings and The Godfather, which received perfectly acceptable, if somewhat mediocre, adaptations. And then there’s E.T., which is responsible for what is largely considered one of the worst video games of all time. In fact, thousands of copies of the E.T. game went on to inhabit a New Mexico landfill (an occurrence that led to a documentary of its own).

Gladiator took home five Oscars, including Best Picture and notably Best Actor for Aussie thespian Russell Crowe. Interestingly enough, Gladiator went the safer route in gaming, as its own title exists on a casual gaming and casino platform. It features everyone’s favorite Romans and continues to capitalize on the on the renewed interest in the “sword and sandals” genre that the movie (re)popularized. Mad Max can also count itself among this company with an ambitious open-world game based on the post-apocalyptic franchise. It was released last fall to surprisingly positive reviews for a licensed movie game that tasks players with drive through acres of dystopian desert.

Given the critical and commercial success of the renewed cult franchise it only makes sense that Miller and company would try to repeat the feat. We have our fingers crossed that a sequel won’t be too long in the making. Apparently, the highly anticipated follow-up to the award-winning movie is currently in production. It will concern the backstory of Imperator Furiosa (played by the egregiously snubbed Charlize Theron), and Tom Hardy is also already confirmed to reprise his role as Max. Miller has gone on record that he has finalized the storyline for the sequel, but he also said it might be some time before we’re whisked away to the wasteland once again. He has also hinted at wanting to make a smaller, less intensive film for his next project.

Follow the success of his surprise cinematic gem, we agree that Miller has definitely earned himself a bit of a break. However, we can only hope that the 70-year-old director won’t stay away for long, because more Furiosa would surely be fantastic.

AV Podcast: Episode 9

podcast_squarePodcast Episode 9: October 15, 2015



In this week’s show we have new music from local rock band Lovey, and previews of the Buffalo International Film Festival and Buffalo Comicon happening this weekend.



Listen to Episode 9:

Spider-Man Web Swings Into the Marvel Cinematic Universe


The battle between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios over the use of one the most beloved comic characters of all time is over.  Sony Pictures has agreed to lend the web-head to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and he is set to debut next year in Captain America: Civil War.  This will be a new film iteration of Spider-Man taking a departure from both the Sam Raimi and Marc Webb interpretations.  Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, the mastermind behind the record breaking MCU films, has long sought to add Spidey to their film universe.  Spider-Man will finally get the MCU makeover and presentation that many fans have been begging for.

What has always intrigued me about the MCU is how Marvel Studios has been so successful in creating captivating film representations that remain loyal to the substance and mythos of the source material, without alienating comic fans.  Spider-Man is arguably one of the most important characters to the genre and the fanboy in me anxiously awaits the first snarky one-liner to Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark or Chris Evans’ Captain America.  This is a character that franchises have been built upon and surely he will bring an entire Spidey-universe to the world of the MCU.  This also sheds at least a glimmer of hope into the hearts of comic book faithful that if Sony lending Spider-Man is a success, perhaps Fox will eventually be willing to lend one if not all of the X-Men to the MCU.  What comic fan hasn’t dreamed of seeing X-Men vs. Avengers on the big screen?

What are you most excited to see from the new Spider-Man played by Tom Holland (Billy Elliot)?

The Buffalist: Sep 14-20


“I have loved
But I’ve lost all that they gave me
They all try to save me
But I’m seeing this thing through
And these feelings of remorse
They leave me no recourse
So I pour another glass
Fail again and again

But as long as there is whiskey in the world
We can drink away the heartache
We can drink away the girls
Oh we long to love but we never touch
As long as there is whiskey in the world”

“As Long as Their is Whiskey in the World” Good Morning, Magpie

-Murder by Death


5.  Trail Running Film Festival @ Screening Room Cinema Cafe (Sep 10)

Kicking off the 30 city North American tour, Buffalo is the FIRST city in the country to view these adventurous films. Watch daredevils conquer treacherous trails, battling climates and terrain that most of us have never faced. These films will have you sitting on the edge of your seats, leaving you feeling as though you could overcome anything you encounter. They will have beer from Southern Tier Brewing Company for you to sip on as you are taken on a virtual run through forests, up mountains, beyond emotional obstacles and across the finish line.  All proceeds from this event will benefit Erie County Parks and help maintain the great trails we utilize and love!  (by Brian Stewart)

4. Of Montreal @ Babeville  (Sep 14) 

The eclectic rock group Of Montreal will be at Ani Difranco’s Babeville and tickets are still available for now.  Starting off as a member of the Elephant 6 music collective out of Athens, GA (famed for the legendary Neutral Milk Hotel who played Babeville this winter), Of Montreal’s musical output has included everything from electronica to folk to punk to jazz to funk.  I imagine there are a few more that I missed.  More than anything else, they’re quirky and a whole lot of fun.  Their outstanding 13th (13th!) album Aureate Gloom is a trip back to 70’s era CBGB where glam and punk reigned supreme, so that should make for a great live show.  The beautiful and great-sounding Babeville is perfect for a band like this.

3. Jim Breuer @ Helium Comedy Club  (Sep 15-16)

Comedian Jim Breuer comes to Helium Comedy Club this week so blow the dust off your old copy of Half Baked and get caught up with an old friend.  The SNL vet has been around for a long time, and his comedy certainly reflects the growth and wisdom that comes along with that.  But at heart he’s still the same fun stoner-dude that you’d love to grab a beer with.  He also was a part of one of my favorite Marc Maron’s best podcast episodes, revealing to him the backround machinations of why Maron was passed over for Weekend Update gig.  Check him out this week, he’s one of the safest bets you’ll ever make to laugh your ass off and have a great time.

2. The Avett Brothers @ Artpark (Sep 19)

Bluegrass and Americana have seen massive renaissances of sorts in the last decade or so, and a portion of that is attributable to The Avett Brothers.  Their 8 studio albums have been mostly fantastic and their live shows are a wildly fun time.  Seth and Scott Avett’s sound has softened a bit over the years since teaming up with Rick Rubin, but their live shows are still a raucous affair.  There are few bands out there who can vacillate so deftly between soulfull ballads and foot-stomping crowd pleasers so expect to be doing a lot of dancing while they rock the stage.  Artpark can be a hell of a party with the right band, so this ought to be a real fun night of revelry.


1.  Murder by Death @  The Waiting Room (Sep 16)

 Murder by Death’s Good Morning, Magpie will always have a special place in my heart.  A few years back I spent a little time under-the-weather when I lived in Alaska, and this album was the soundtrack to that winter.  Singer Adam Turla and cellist Sarah Balliet warmed my cabin while lightly sipped bourbon and gazed out out at the cold, snowy woods surrounding me.  I wore that record out- it actually had the same place where it skipped every single time during the same song.  I just popped it up on my computer and I immediately recognized the spot, half expecting it to happen again.  As you can guess, I highly recommend going to see this band.  They are a tremendous live act, and I have yet to find a person who doesn’t like them when introduced.  I know the name suggests a harsher sound, but they have a beautifully velvety sound that goes down like an expensive glass of whiskey.  I’ll be there this Wednesday at The Waiting Room to see them, and you should be too.


Hot Takes:  BPO Opening Night Gala: Lang-Lang Returns: Kleinhans (Sep 16), Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure @ North Park Theatre (Sep 19)

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!

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Photo Gallery: Peepshow 2015 – The Dirty Thirty!


This past Saturday, August 29, Squeaky Wheel celebrated it’s 30 year anniversary with their Peepshow event. The event featured art installations, live performances and more from 30 local and regional artists. Photographer Glen E. Murray captured these photos of the festivities and shared them with Artvoice.



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Student filmmakers enrolled in Buffalo State College’s Television and Film Arts Program are proud to present the premiere of the 22 minute TV pilot they wrote, produced, shot, and edited for Johannes Bockwoldt’s TFA (TV/Film arts) 450 Class. The pilot, In/Sanity, is about a young man (Bryan Patrick Stoyle) who fakes a suicide attempt to escape the pressures of his everyday life and be admitted into a mental hospital, only to learn the hard way that life in the institution is far from what he had in mind. The pilot’s producers, Grace Ann Philips, Joe Kostiw, and Taylor Stuewe, were featured on the cover of the Nov. 6th issue of Artvoice, and are very excited to debut the finished work to the community. Also featured will be selected shorts from other student filmmakers and a Q & A after the screening. The free event will be held Sunday, December 7th, at 7pm upstairs in the Social Hall of the Buffalo State Student Union and is scheduled to run about 90 minutes.

Infringement Festival 2014: Downloadable Program

infringement2014The 2014 Buffalo Infringement Festival starts today and runs through July 24th. Look for the opening parade through the streets of Buffalo at 6, heading to Days Park at 6:30, followed by the opening ceremonies at Netizsche’s, starting at 7pm.

Make sure to pick up a copy of this week’s Artvoice! Inside, you’ll find a full pull-out schedule inserted in the middle of the paper detailing every performance, installation, show, and event taking place as part of this year’s festival.

You can also download a PDF version of the insert by clicking here.

For more information about the Buffalo Infringement Festival, including updates about any last minute changes to the program, please visit

City Honors Film Students Seek Support

Two students from the film program at City Honors School have entered a short in the Watch Out Loud safe driving teen video contest. Their entry, “Wrecked,” is about the deadly dangers of distracted driving.

If their entry collects the most votes, the CHS film program will win two new cameras and $10,000. Click here to visit the contest page, watch the two-minute short, and cast your vote of support. One vote per person per day.

You can also support the program by attending the Hilltop Film Series.

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