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The Great Irish Boycott

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While many will be headed to pubs with shamrocks pinned to their jackets to celebrate all things Irish, there is one contribution from Ireland that bears a toast (or two!): the boycott.

Coined in 1880 during the Irish Land Wars, the phrase refers to Captain Charles Boycott, a land agent for Lord Erne. It was a rough year, harvests had been poor, and the tenants had petitioned for a 25 percent rent reduction due to hardship. It had been refused. Boycott attempted to evict 11 tenant farmers. Outraged, the rest of the community began a social ostracism campaign, shunning the captain, refusing to help harvest his crops, and non-cooperating with his eviction efforts.

Irish author George Moore reported: “Like a comet the verb ‘boycott’ appeared.” Within six weeks, newspapers as far away as New York City were using the term.

According to Wikipedia, a “boycott is an act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with a person, organization, or country as an expression of protest, usually for social or political reasons. The purpose of a boycott is to inflict some economic loss on the target, or to indicate a moral outrage, to try to compel the target to alter an objectionable behavior.”

There is hardly a nonviolent movement around the world, out of hundreds of case studies, that has not used some form of a boycott! Think of Gandhi’s spinning wheel and concurrent boycott of British cloth imports, the American Independence movement’s boycott of tea, the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the United Farm Workers’ Grape Boycott, the boycott of white-owned stores in South African townships during the anti-apartheid struggle: the examples are numerous. So, this St. Patrick’s Day, while you’re celebrating leprechauns, shamrocks and all things Irish, lift a glass and raise a toast to one of Ireland’s greatest contributions to a more just and equitable world: the boycott.

Sun Rivera

Steam Donkeys to Play Crew Fundraiser this Saturday

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The Steam Donkeys—a Buffalo, NY-based musical act and global think tank—will be using their regular monthly gig at the Sportsmen’s Tavern this Saturday (2/20) as a platform to promote awareness and raise much needed funds for the City Honors Crew Team. The event is open to the public and will feature a 50/50 raffle and chances to win cool Buffalo Bills gear. The event runs from 9pm to midnight. Admission is only $3.

Steam-Donkeys-at-Pollywogg-holler-sepiaWhile some see incongruity in a honky tonk band/global think tank lending its support to a rowing team, Steam Donkeys front man Buck Quigley disagrees. He points out the fact that modern, competitive rowing dates back to 1829—the same year the Steam Donkeys were founded.

“There are many similarities between the crew members in a boat and the musicians in a band,” Quigley observes. “In both cases, people have to pull together to get anywhere. In a crew, if a rower gets out of sync it can result in what’s called an ‘ejection crab.’ In a band, one member can screw up the vibe so much that they wind up as objects of ridicule on YouTube.”

“City Honors is the only Buffalo Public School with a crew team, so they’re kind of de facto underdogs,” Quigley says. “And they compete against private and parochial schools in regattas all over New York State and Canada. These are dedicated athletes who wake up at 4:30am to practice year-round. People say that high school hockey is expensive, tough, and demanding. But when is the last time you saw a hockey team dealing with agitated Asian carp?”

Proceeds raised will go to defray costs associated with travel, lodging, event registrations, facility fees and other expenses.

In solidarity with these dedicated high school athletes who practice and compete on a near-constant basis, the Steam Donkeys will be doubling their typical number of live appearances for the month of February by performing Friday night’s (2/19) happy hour at Nietzsche’s, starting at 6pm.

Both shows will feature guest appearances by the fabulous Dee Love, whose occasional guest spots with the band have sent crowds into paroxysms of delight.


Juini Booth Celebrates Birthday with Solo Bass Performance

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Legendary bassist Juini Booth will play a solo performance at Rhythms Cultural Club, 1380 Jefferson Avenue, from 7-9pm on Friday (2/12).

The event is in celebration of his and other Aquarians’ Birthdays. The evening promises to be highly creatively energetic in thought provoking spirituality . In addition, it will be a celebration of Black history month with readings of historic Afro American Poets and writers such as Langston Hughes, Sun Ra and Amiri Baraka.

Also , this event highlights an opening of a new venue—Rhythms—on Buffalo ‘s Eastside, featuring delicious international cuisine as well as serving as a new Cultural center that will present local and world renowned artists.

Children are invited and honored here “for it’s them who will hold the future.”

juini booth


Steam Donkeys Host Winter Carnival Saturday

Mail AttachmentSpendthrifts, barflys, n’er-do-wells, and beautiful losers are unanimous in their praise for this Saturday’s Winter Carnival hosted by the Steam Donkeys at the Sportsmen’s Tavern. The event will include traditional snowball fights, a King of the Mountain contest on an icy snowbank, a donut-spinning challenge in the Tops parking lot with separate divisions for front and rear-wheel drive vehicles, and a freestyle pogeying competition with extra points awarded for dragging behind a cop car. Festivities begin at 9pm.

The event was conceived by the Steam Donkeys—a Buffalo-based music act and global think tank—who just wanted to put some old fashioned fun back into the winter season. 

“Renting a pair of ice skates and pretending you’re Hans Brinker on the faux canals at Canalside is all well and good,” says Steam Donkeys spokesperson and front man Buck Quigley. “But when I was growing up, winter activities were more spontaneous and challenging. It takes considerable skill to grab onto the bumper of a police cruiser, unnoticed, and maintain that aerodynamic tuck while sliding along on your boots. Couple that with the aerobic workout you’d get running through backyards and hopping fences when the cops discovered you—there’s nothing quite like it today.”

Local business leaders, wealthy philanthropists, elected officials and all of their appointed staffs voiced their strong opposition to the event.

“I don’t know where to begin,” said an influential mover and shaker, on condition of anonymity. “When you think of the massive amounts of public money that have gone into all the infrastructure at Canalside, not to mention the sweetheart deals that have been given out to connected vendors—you quickly realize the place is too big to fail. I don’t care if people are down there pedaling ice bikes through the slush. And I don’t care if they get frostbite weathering the freezing spray from the lake. They need to come and smile and talk about Buffalo’s renaissance. It’s important they continue to come by the thousands. The future of Buffalo depends on it. And here, we have this loose cannon Quigley urging otherwise rational people to loiter on street corners waiting to go—what does he call it? Pogoing?”

“The term is pogeying, which is essentially the same thing as skitchin,” Quigley retorted, “which my esteemed critic would know if he hadn’t been forced to spend his childhood winters packed off to a boarding school near St. Moritz because his parents found him to be an overbearing blabbermouth.”

The Steam Donkeys Winter Carnival at Sportsmen’s Tavern will also feature a performance drawing from the band’s vast catalog, plus several choice covers, sprinkled with lots of their trademark wise-cracking stage banter. Carnival admission is only $3. Participants are responsible for any legal issues they may incur before, during and after the event.





New Year’s Eve with “Last Comic Standing” Winner Clayton English at Helium Comedy Club

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Looking for a little something different this New Year’s Eve?  Tired of the same old bar chaos?  Ring in the New Year with an evening filled with laughter courtesy of Clayton English.  You can make a reservation for dinner at Elements and eat before the show by calling 716.853.1211.

Artvoice Hitlist: This week’s Events & Gigs

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To be Takei: A Star’s Trek for Life, Liberty, and Love

Dreamland, 7pm, $5 suggested donation

Thursday night, REEL QUEER Cinema presents the Sundance Film Festival hit, To Be Takei, a critically acclaimed documentary about LGBT icon, actor, author, activist, and former Star Trek cast mate, the inimitable George Takei.


Carina & the Six String Preacher

Pausa Art House, 8pm,  $7

Playing a spicy, eclectic blend of pre 60’s jazz, blues, surf tango and pop, “Jazz Noir” duo Carina and Vincent James Mastrantonio will be performing at Pausa on Friday night. Come celebrate the release of their latest EP “Why You So Wild, Crocodile?” where they’ll be joined by renowned drummer John Brady.


8th Annual Last Minute Panic Holiday Marketplace

WNY Book Arts, Dec. 18 4-8pm, Dec 19 12-6pm, free

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, WNYBAC has got you covered this weekend. With 40 vendors featured, choose gifts from an assortment of handcrafted housewares, jewelry, knitwear, pottery, prints, posters, etc. Gift wrapping, card and ornament making workshops are also offered for the first time this year.


Mom Said No

Sugar City, 7pm, $5

Quirky homegrown acoustic/indie pop band Mom Said No will be playing at Sugar City this Saturday night. Boasting notably impressive vocal harmonies, they’ll be playing a range of tunes, from covers to originals. Check them out. Susanna Rose, Rochester folk singer/songwriter and CJ Cook & Friends will also be performing.


Mohawk Place Xmas Party

Mohawk Place, 8pm, $5

It’s the weekend before Christmas and the height of the party season. Head down to the Mohawk on Saturday so you can spend an evening with The Irving Klaws, The Surfin’ Cadavers, The BiPolaroids, Brass Pro & the Waterfront Revivalists, Pine Fever, and all of your drunk friends.


Buffalo Infringement Festival Festivus Fundraiser

Nietzsche’s, 9pm, $5

The Buffalo Infringement Festival hosts their first fundraiser of the year. Participate in holiday traditions like “Airing of Grievances”, donate pet toys to the SPCA, and enjoy the music of Electric Watermelon, David Adamczyk, Outer Harbor, Jack Topht, Jacob Peter, Meat Whistles, PeaceBridge, Phsyical Psychics, and more!


Pseudo Intellectuals Album Release

Blue Monk, 9pm, $3

Join The Pseudo Intellectuals, Nick, Cut, and Tone, to celebrate the release of their self-titled EP.  Shane Depree Fry and Tone will be playing some hip hop instrumentals to celebrate, DJ Sike will be in the house with a box of 45s, and DJ Cutler will be returning to the Buffalo area for a special guest appearance.

Fruit Belt Coalition Christmas Event Saturday

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The Fruit Belt Coalition invites all to attend its annual Christmas in the City event at the Moot Senior Citizens Center (corner of Orange and High Streets/893-6428) this Saturday (12/12) from 12-3pm. Free!

Click here for more information.

Screen shot 2015-12-11 at 3.09.55 PM

Continental Reunion Party 2015

George Olmstead 18

Friends gathered at the town Ballroom for the annual Continental Reunion Party Nov 28th. Surfin’ Cadavers opened the show and Bulletproof Claudia, The Enemies, Night Slaves, The Skeptics, Dollywatchers, Sinara Test and Cowboy of Scotland performed for guests. Armageddon Party closed the night.

Photos by: Cheryl Gorski

Candid shots from the show:

Cowboy of Scotland:

Sinatra Test

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