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3rd Annual Spirit of the 80’s Concert

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3rd Annual Spirit of the 80’s Concert

4pm Academy Park, 853 Center St, Lewiston $10 Friday, $20 Saturday, $25 Friday-Saturday combo (available at the door /

10602758_10152454802616919_1947086280_nIn the 1980s, America saw a change in music that went beyond the birth of MTV. Pop and rock synthesized into a melodic blend of sound, conceiving “new wave,” and rock n’ roll dispersed into sub-genres like alternative rock. On Friday (Aug 8) and Saturday (Aug 9), Lewiston’s Academy Park will host the 3rd Annual Spirit of 80’s Concert. Strictly Hip kicks off the two-day series on Friday with a Happy Hour show from 5-7pm. Technically a Tragically Hip tribute band, this Buffalo-based alternative rock band also covers music by The Cure, Oasis, REM and much more. Closing out Friday’s show is local rock band, The Tower, playing a unique catalog of rock/blues music. Punk-rock pioneers, the Forgotten Rebels will headline Saturday’s show.The Forgotten Rebelswere among the earliest Canadian punk rockers, playing in the same vein as The Ramones. This wouldn’t be an 80’s show without some keyboard and synth sounds. To that end, hometown favorite, The Mirrors will take the audience back to the days of The Cure and INXS with their quintessential 80’s sound. Last, but certainly not least, Buffalo-based, alternative rock band, the Cowboys of Scotland will play their eighties-flavored blend of punk, progressive rock, new-wave and funk on Saturday. With a sound that’s been described as “The Clash meets Pink Floyd”, their ability to blend their musical influences and styles is the cornerstone of their unique sound. This concert is so totally eighties (minus the AIDS epidemic). So put on your Chuck Taylors and high-waisted jeans and get ready to get funky. —kellie powell

PHOTOS: Best of Buffalo 2014

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A few photos from last night’s Best of Buffalo party at the Town Ballroom. (Photos by Cy Alessi)

SUNY Buffalo State’s Runway 7.0

f181846911SUNY Buffalo State’s Runway 7.0

Press Release by Alison Pieroni

Saturday (May 10) marks the seventh installment of SUNY Buffalo State’s student fashion show, Runway 7.0. This years’ theme, titled “Chrysalis,” embodies the developmental and growth stage that the Fashion and Technology department have emerged from. It is the Fashion and Textile Technologies’ first official year as a stand-alone department in the new Technology building. If that alone isn’t a reason to celebrate this annual event, the show will be jam-packed featuring designs from over 20 student designers, as well as alumni and faculty collections.

One of the main features of Runway is the collections created by the Senior Designers. This years’ six senior students have been working since the beginning of the school year to create collections that will be judged in a style similar to that found on the television show “Project Runway”. The student who is selected as the winner of Runway 7.0 will receive the Nancy Belfer Award, which is a grant of $1,000, plus a complete set of professional shears courtesy of Eastman Machine, a Coats & Clark thread pack, and a photo shoot of their collection with respected photographer, Luke Copping.

Other exciting awards to be received by top students include Best in Show, Student Collection Award, and the Erika Hoerner Award. The Erika Hoerner Award was established to honor Erika’s life and her passion for the fashion industry, and will be presented to an outstanding student within the Fashion Show Production class.

There will be two shows taking place on Buffalo State campus in the Campbell Student Union Social Hall, a matinee at 3p.m. and an evening show at 8p.m. For further details on the event and information regarding purchasing tickets, head over to”

Genkin Philharmonic’s Final Performance

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Genkin Philharmonic’s Final Performance

Wednesday, June 19


Tonight marks the final performance of the electro/acoustic ensemble known as the Genkin Philharmonic, playing their final notes where it all began, at Buffalo’s bastion of local music, Nietzsche’s.  Since 2008, the ten-piece ensemble has delivered renditions of avant-rock tunes from the likes of Zappa, Radiohead, King Crimson and Captain Beefheart, along with recreations of classical pieces from Stravinsky, Ives, Prokofiev and more. Formed by trumpeter, composer, bandleader, and UB associate professor of music Jon Nelson, Genkin is comprised entirely of local professional musicians, and has specialized in building a deep repertoire of unusual and challenging music. The group’s arrangements are as close to striking a balance between complexity and accessibility as you can get: technically challenging pieces that stay true to the spirit and energy of the original artist, but veer off course just enough to keep the audience guessing. The Genkin Philharmonic will present most of their entire repertoire for tonight’s performance, nearly 200 minutes of genre-defying music. The first 100 paid audience members will receive a free Genkin CD, so bid farewell to one of Buffalo’s most unique ensembles and give them the sendoff they deserve. —jon wheelock

 8pm Nietzsche’s, 248 Allen St. (886-8539/ $7, 21+

Tonight: Ward Churchill at Burning Books

Ward Churchill at Burning Books

Wednesday, May 22

syt7Burning Books, which has quickly become a vital focus for progressives and radicals alike, has brought in plenty of controversial speakers since it opened its doors in 2011. But none of them are as polarizing as Ward Churchill, whose 2001 essay in response to the 9/11 attacks, “On the Justice of Roosting Chickens,” argued that Americans had reaped what US government policy had sown. In 2007, the University of Colorado fired Churchill for academic misconduct, but his defenders continue to argue he was fired because of the outrage his ideas provoked. Whatever the case, Churchill’s scholarly work on the FBI, COINTELPRO, and the oppression of indigenous peoples are highly regarded. Love him or hate him, or both, Churchill’s talk is not to be missed. His appearance at Burning Books is made possible in part by noted First Amendment attorney Joseph M. Finnerty.

– geoff kelly

7pm Burning Books, 420 Connecticut Street ( free


The Art of Steel: As Seen Through the Eyes of Norman Rockwell

The Art of Steel: As Seen Through the Eyes of Norman Rockwell

By: Elizabeth Lewin

rockwellposterI’ll never forget visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum. I still have one of his infamous covers for The Saturday Evening Post hanging on my wall, as I’m sure many of us do (if not there than perhaps on our coffee tables). After four decades of producing epic illustrations, renowned artist Norman Rockwell and his prints have made their way to Buffalo—in steel. This one-of-a-kind exhibit, The Art of Steel: As Seen Through the Eyes of Norman Rockwell, will be featured at the Steel Plant Museum of Western New York from May through November 1. Tonight, Friday, May 17, an opening reception is being held at The Steel Plant Museum of Western New York from 6pm-8pm. The unique exhibit features a series of 14 Rockwell prints commissioned by Sharon Steel Corporation in Pennsylvania. These artistic prints were used as advertisements to show the process of steelmaking and the new machinery in the steel plant. The exhibit is the Master’s Project of Buffalo State College’s Museum Studies student Megan Hahin, in collaboration with the Steel Plant Museum of Western New York. “Rockwell’s prints tell the story of steel from the loading of iron ore onto cargo cars from the coal mines to the welding of steel beams to create skyscrapers. These local artifacts show that the process of steelmaking was universal to create a more human story,” shared a spokesperson for the Museum. These particular prints are also displayed with artifacts from other local WNY steel plants such as: Bethlehem Steel, Republic Steel as well as a variety of others. For details and directions visit:

Opening Reception 6pm – 8pm Friday May 17. On display May 17, 2013 – November 1, 2013 at the Steel Plant Museum of Western New York, Heritage DiscoveRy Center, 100 Lee St., Buffalo

Meet Paul and Frank and Their Dogs

Frank Gourmet Hot Dog Truck

Who: Frank and Paul Tripi of Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs


frank logo Mondays: (alternating) Larkin Center  

 Tuesdays: Dinner on Hertel [North Park & Saranac]

 Thursdays: (alternating) First Niagara Center / Dinner on Elmwood 

 Fridays: Roswell Park & Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus 

 Saturdays: Outside Cecelias & Acropolis 


Artvoice: How long did it take to make this food truck happen? Why did you decide to do a gourmet hot dog truck?

Frank: We’ve been working on this for about five years. Most people want to own a bar or restaurant at some point in their lives. I’ve been working in restaurants since I was 16 from here to New York City and back. From fine dining to neighborhood dive bars. I’ve always been into it, and I’ve always been into hot dogs and sausages. When I’m drunk and want something quick it’s what I gravitate toward. I thought this would work in Buffalo. Besides ketchup and mustard places like Ted’s and Louie’s, there is nobody out there who is really putting a gourmet twist on hot dogs. We were thinking a brick and mortar place at first but the point of entry was much higher than doing the truck, and this has worked out. 

Artvoice: How did you come up with the menu?

Frank: A lot of trial and error. A couple of the menu items were just what we thought would work and we went for it. We had a couple focus groups before we opened. We tried to get the most brutally honest people we could. We weren’t sure about the Holy Moly at first [guacamole, sriracha, cilantro] but now it’s our second best seller. We weren’t sure about the Violet Beauregrade either [Blueberry BBQ sauce, onion crunch, cheddar]. It took us four different BBQ sauces to get it right but now we have it down. We like to just mess around and eat. We were in a lot better shape before we started this. As we go on, the menu is going to evolve and get more adventurous.

Artvoice: Where do your ingredients come from?

Paul: Right now our hot dogs are Sahlen’s. We get our vegetables from farmers markets as much as we can. We make our own veggie dogs [any dog can be ordered as a veggie dog]. We get one sausage from Omega Deli, which is a small local guy. No one knows about him, he only makes sausages once a week, and we’re the only one he does a big batch for. We’ve used Spar’s for their Flying Bison Beer Brats when we were at Beerology

Artvoice: Thats cool, so you experiment based on where you’re parked too?

Paul: Yeah, depending on the event and what we need we can work in specific ingredients. We have a few contacts in New York that specialize in really funky sausages and we’re going to work those in there too. Like lamb sausages and more gamey meats. We just thought to start, you gotta do Sahlen’s because it’s Buffalo.

Artvoice: Where do your sauces come from? You mentioned the Blueberry BBQ sauce, but you also have a Tijuana Hot Cream Cheese.

Frank: We make it all. The relish, pickles, coleslaw, baked beans too. Paul makes the Tijuana Cream Cheese and the Blueberry BBQ. We hand cut the fries every morning. We pick up our bread from a baker every day, it’s a little bigger but thats because it’s actually made by a person. Besides like casing hotdogs and grinding sausages, we make everything else. And the places we get the meat from are the ones people love. 

ArtvoiceDo you like it when other trucks are around? Is the competition good?

Frank: Sometimes, but we like being solo. It’s cool when we do the big rodeos and it’s everybody, but to have someone park in front of us for a dinner shift it’s sucks. We’ve worked certain spots all winter.

Artvoice: Is there a lot of competition to lay claim to certain spots?

Frank: Yeah, the other day we were here [at the corner of Elmwood and Lafayette] and one of the trucks was a stones throw away, so the people walking down could see him before us. If someone was parking in this exact spot on a Thursday I might have to get out of the truck. I think we’re the two largest truck guys, so nobody will be poaching our spots.



Find Frank now on Twitter: @FindFrankNow

GoBike: People Powered Movement

GoBike: People Powered Movement

by Elizabeth Lewin

PPM_POSTERYAYY-463x600With summer right around the corner, it seems like more and more people are peddling their way around Buffalo. Who doesn’t like to feel those rays after a chilly winter? Besides, May is National Bike Month, so why not save some change for a change? In honor of this month, local community organization, GOBike Buffalo, is holding their first bicycle inspired art show to benefit their mission and increase awareness among residents. “The intersection between the cycling community and art community here in Buffalo is a lot closer than people think. A lot of cyclists are also artists and vice-versa. I wanted to explore that relationship and share it with others,” says Community Outreach Coordinator Tivona Renoni. This People Powered Movement will feature the work of local artists, writers and advocates all of whom are moving together to transform the City of Buffalo into a healthier and sustainably friendly community through the eyes of art. “Personally, I think it’s very important to educate people about the importance of getting out and about in the community in a way that not only keeps them healthier, but keeps the environment healthier. Not to mention, it’s pretty easy on the pocket, especially in times like these,” Renoni says.  These one of a kind pieces will be displayed at two openings on Friday, May 17th from 12-2pm and 7-9pm at 515 Main Street (also known as Main (ST)udios). This exhibit is FREE.  The goal is to have people walk away inspired to do something different for themselves and for their surroundings. So, if you’re not busy, get your bike out or borrow a friend’s and join the movement on Main. Be part of what organizations like GOBike Buffalo are doing to keep this place up and moving. For more information visit:

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