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FaceBook Elects President Ben Carson

Filed under: National Politics

Carson 1
In 2012, only 54.9% of eligible voters elected Barack Obama to a second term. While almost half of the voting population doesn’t bother going to the polls, millions vote every day on social media by clicking the “like” button on Facebook posts, profiles and pages.

Now, The folks at FiveThirtyEight, an ESPN-owned site that focuses on polling and politics, did an in depth analysis and ranking of the Facebook “likes” for each major candidate in the upcoming US presidential election.

They call it the “Facebook Primary,” and based on FaceBook, the winner is Ben Carson. That would be the same Ben Carson who came in dead last in the real world primaries of Iowa and New Hampshire.
Apparently getting lots of “likes” doesn’t mean anyone really wants you running the country. This might be a good lesson for those who have allowed their virtual world to consume their real world lives. It’s like all those people who click on Facebook that they are coming to your event and never show up. Or all those Facebook “friends” that you have no idea who they are.

  • Susan

    Dr. Carson does not look like that picture.

  • notapuppet

    Another piece of trash from the media. Why don’t you man up and write something of substance? Something with value that will have a positive impact on someone? If I were your mother I would be ashamed of you.

  • Hi. I clicked on this article because of the silly thumbnail xD