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Essential Winter Fashion Accessories – Fur

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Anna Sui cheryl gorski 53

BRRRR… It’s Time For Fur

Snow isn’t just for winter sports… It’s time to sport your fur! If you are experiencing an uncannily warm winter and have given up on wearing your fur for the holidays, now is your chance! Fur trends have evolved from traditional coats, gloves, scarves and hats to the now-trending fur purse accessories, shoes, and purses. Dennis Basso, a renown designers, is best known for his luxurious fur coats and hand bags. Creations from the likes of Tadashi Shoji, Nicole Miller, Reem Acra, Carmen Marc Valvo, and Mongol, also shined brightly. Custo Barcelona and Veronica Beard created fun, hip-inspired fur pieces. Lest we forget, fur isn’t only for women. Landeros demonstrated several men’s pieces.

Photographed by the www.fashionmaniac team: Cheryl Gorski & Francis Son

Contributing Photographers

Michael Seely, Zeduce, Mike Coppola, Simon Gentry, Rudy K


  • Val

    Never thought I would see an article like this in ARTVOICE! There is so much evidence that animals suffer greatly for the sake of vanity fur garments. So many warm and attractive alternatives are available. Check out and judge for yourself. I attended a trappers’ convention and was sickened by what I learned there.

    • Janice Wilson

      Well done. Good link, too

  • Annie Wilczak

    One would assume in this era people would realize there is so much to offer for alternative “fur” items. If it’s warmth you seek, if it’s fashion you desire; many items now made with faux fur are surprisingly realistic. As for the cruelty factor, yes the fur-factory business is mind-disturbingly evil. Live skinning (flaying) of raccoon dogs as well as mink & fox farm electrocutions are just the tip of the iceberg of unethical treatment befalling millions of animals yearly. Please don’t bring profit to the commercial fur enterprises, don’t enable fur factories, don’t buy fur.

    • Janice Wilson


  • jasbunny

    There is no genuine fur that is not gotten without hours, days or years of excruciating suffering by the animal whose is taken for the sake of what, fashion? Have you ever seen the crushed limb or mangled paw of an animal caught in a leg-hold trap, or the panic and fear in their eyes after they have unsuccessfully tried to free themselves from the gripping pain? That agonizing is the price paid so some can parade around in ‘fashion accessories.’ Have you ever seen the foxes and minks, pacing back and forth non-stop, chewing their own limbs to escape the ceaseless misery of confinement in a tiny cage? Have you ever seen the pictures and videos from Asian, especially China, when dogs and cats are pulled from the streets, packed solidly into wooden cages, brought back to a killing place, displaying hundreds of dog and cat pelts, which are often mislabeled as ‘rabbit’ or other fur to get them into Europe or the U.S? Have you ever seen the video of raccoon dogs (actually a wild canid) pulled from their cages, slammed on the ground to immobilize them, then strung up on a pole so that two men can together pull the entire fur and skin off the living, breathing, screaming animal, who is then tossed, still a live for several minutes, on the pile of other skinless raccoon dogs? I can document every one of these truths, and all are common practice is one country or another. With faux fur so advanced that some lines have been picked up on by celebrities – Sarah Jessica Parker, the Kardashians – and with so many styles that no one should ever again think that genuine fur is fashionable.

    • Janice Wilson

      Kudos. The lives of farmed animals are like puppy mills. Disgusting. And the trapped animal are, well, trapped and in excruciating pain panic and fear for up to 48 hours, and that’s if they follow the DEC trapping regs for checking trap lines

  • Scott Allen

    It’s a shame that this article was written and published in ARTVOICE. I always thought that the publication was progressive, but this article about fur being “fun”,”hip-inspired” and “trending” makes me think otherwise. Cheryl Gorski has been an outstanding photographer for years — why did she have to waste her time and efforts on promoting fur coats and other fur items? Fur trends have not “evolved”; they have DE-volved. Many clothing items not made of fur can keep people warm during the winter. Fur represents cruelty to animals — not high fashion. I have to wonder if someone made Ms. Gorski write this article and take all those photographs that feature dead animals.

    One of the photos I am uploading shows a mink about to be gassed. The other photos are of an animal caged on a fur farm, an animal being anally electrocuted for fur, and a coyote caught in a trap. Additional killing methods used on fur farms are neck-snapping and decompression chambers. (Source:

    High society or low society? You be the judge.

  • Thurgood Stubbs

    This is what happens when you merge with the Niagara Falls Reporter.