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5 ways you can recycle old, outdated clothing in your closet, from fashion trend expert Kimberli MacKay of Brother International

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The average American woman wears 30 different outfits each month (up from 9 in 1930)… but her closet is filled with endless items of clothing that are never worn. With National Recycling Day right around the corner, Here are 5 ways you can recycle old, outdated clothing in your closet, from fashion trend expert Kimberli MacKay

National Recycling Day is a great time to take a second look at what we’ve got in our closets! Rather than shopping for a whole new outfit, here are some ways to bring some of the older items into your closet into this year’s fashion! The simplest of sewing machines can help you give your wardrobe a simple uplift!


1. Those extra wide leg trousers that have been waiting to see the light of day these last few seasons can easily be hemmed to join the hot culotte trend seen in stores across the country.

2. Shorten last fall’s maxi skirt to a midi length! You only need to sew a simple hem and you’ve created a whole new look!

3. Shorten the sleeves on that dress or tunic you’ve grown tired of, or take the sleeves off all together and wear layer with a shirt beneath, which brings me to layering! Layering different styles can change your look instantly! Take those new culottes that you made and layer with your newly de-sleeved tunic with your favorite long sleeved knit top! Be sure to mix fabric weights,  garment lengths and colors as you layer!


4. Take a cue from the runway and add a flat black trim or lace trim over all the seams of your favorite floral flowy dress. The fabric you cut off your clothes can be simply stitched together into a patchwork infinity scarf that will tied together your wardrobe following this fall’s updated Boho trend or add trim to edge of last fall’s wide brim hat, and to the bottom of trousers, skirts and sleeves hems. Don’t have trim hanging around? Use the decorative stitches on your sewing machine and add stitching to cuffs, collars and hems!

5. Check out Brother’s embroidery machines and add the hottest trend of all, embroidery, to the garments of your choice!  Whether multi-colored or tonal, embroidery will allow you to create a whole new look for items already in your wardrobe!