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The Buffalist: Aug 24-30


“First of all, we must internalize the ‘flatulation’ of the matter by transmitting the effervescence of the ‘Indianisian’ proximity in order to further segregate the crux of my venereal infection. Now, if I may retain my liquids here for one moment. I’d like to continue the ‘redundance’ of my quote, unquote ‘intestinal tract’, you see because to preclude on the issue of world domination would only circumvent – excuse me, circumcise the revelation that reflects the ‘Afro-disiatic’ symptoms which now perpetrates the Jheri Curis activation. Allow me to expose my colon once again. The ramification inflicted on the incision placed within the Fallopian cavities serves to be holistic taken from the Latin word ‘jalapeno’.”
— Oswald Bates (Damon Wayans), In Living Color season 1 ep 3

Hey I’ve been pretty busy this weekend so these are going to be some quick hits, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great things to do this week!

 5.  Blackalicious @ The Waiting Room (Aug 29)

The incredibly talented alt-rapper Blackalicious will be bringing his positive brand of frantic hip hop to the Waiting Room on Saturday and if you haven’t seen them before, check the above video and you’ll see why they are so popular.  Formed in the early 90’s in California, founding members Gift of Gab and Xcel didn’t hit it big until the 2000 when their first full length Nia won them critical acclaim.  Their newest LP Imani Vol. 1 drops Sep 18th so get to the Waiting Room and hear their new hits before everyone else.

4. Campus Wheelworks Season Finale (Aug 25)

Buffalo has quietly (and sometimes very loudly) become a superb cycling community.  There are a bunch of weekly and annual rides throughout the city (including the previously recommended Slow Roll which had a record over 1000 riders last week!  Congrats!) over the spring and summer, but this particular weekly ride kicks off every Tuesday at 6.  There are multiple skill groups and distances so you don’t need to be a ‘roided up Lance Armstrong in a 6000 dollar bike to enjoy it.  You can do the easy group that does around 10 miles and gets ice cream, the medium group that does 20 miles or the advanced group that does 30 miles.  They do not recommend the hard group for anyone who does not have previous group riding experience, however.  The clan goes all over the city and uses different routes every time, going everywhere from the Central Terminal to the Basilica in South Buffalo to Elicott Creek.  I’ll be there struggling through the middle group, so come join it is a ton of fun and a great workout.  This week is the season finale, and will end with a big party at Resurgence!  See you out there and bring a helmet!

3. Best of Buffalo – 48 Hour Film Project Screening @ Buffalo Ironworks (Aug 30)


The 48 Hour Film Project is an international film competition that takes place all over the world, with over 900 events having taken place since founders Mike Ruppert and Liz Langston started in 1991.  The premise is relatively simple: can someone make a watchable movie with only 48 hours to work on it?  30,000 films later, their answer of course would be yes.  Check out Buffalo’s contribution to this on Sunday at 7 PM and see the best area film makers have to offer!  Details can be found here for the event and admission is only 10 bucks so the event will sell out fast.  The venue, Buffalo Ironworks, is a quick skip over from Canalside to the Cobblestone district so you can really make a nice evening out of it.

2.  Damon Wayans @ Helium Comedy Club (Aug 27-30) 

It’s Damon Wayans.  You know who he is.  In Living Color was a long time ago (for those who are too young, this is also where Jim Carrey got his comedy wings), but he still is as funny as he’s ever been.  His comedy has evolved in a Louis CK kind of way, which of course is a good thing.  Check him out at Helium this week.

1.  Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts (Aug 29-30)

Festival season may be winding down, but Buffalo has been saving one of its best for last.  The Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts will be lighting up the West Side with over 170 vendors, over 50 performances and plenty of food and booze.  The event will take place from West Ferry to St. James Place from 10-6pm Saturday and Sunday, with an after hours concert at 6:15 on Saturday at the St. James Place stage.  Close out August strong with this can’t-miss event!

Hot Takes:  Aircraft Album Release Party @ Sugar City (Aug 29), Shark Girl’s Birthday (Aug 26)

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!

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