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Furies Reach New Highs, Crush New Hampshire 518-29

Photo: Chris Kalisiak (CK Photographic Systems)

Photo: Chris Kalisiak (CK Photographic Systems)

In their last bout of the season before playoffs, and the last bout of the QCRG season at Riverworks, the Lake Effect Furies rolled like an avalanche over the New Hampshire Roller Derby All Stars with a 518-29 win. Playing an opponent rapidly dropping in the WFTDA rankings, the Furies did what they needed to do by burying this team early and never letting up. 

The Furies led 275-6 at half and only gave up one lead jam in that half (3 for the entire bout). Every Furies jammer had a dominant game – all of them averaged over a 10+ spread per jam – but InSINerator’s 108-0 first half with 5/5 on leads and no penalties was extremely impressive. Sin ended the full bout 159-0 and 11/11 on leads. Only in her second year on the team, and almost a year to date since the first time she was actually chartered, Sin’s progression is a major theme this year as the Furies reach new heights; their first Division 1 playoff appearance, their most scored points ever (previous record was Harrisburg in 2012 with 409) and their largest point spread ever (previous was +377 against Harrisburg). 

It wasn’t just the jammers who had a dominant bout though as the Furies blockers frustrated and exhausted the New Hampshire jammers all bout long. Taking only 17 penalties for the bout as a team (2 jammer penalties – 1 each for Brawl and Murphy), the Furies blockers ran tight three walls and did an amazing job with that fourth blocker floating and transitioning from defense to offense. Bricks had a great game and got in the head of the New Hampshire jammers. Huntress also had a great bout opening up lots of holes and assists for the Furies jammers. The team as a whole lived up to the “Five Strong” motto that Huntress had written on the back of her calves. 

Photo: Chris Kalisiak (CK Photographic Systems)

Photo: Chris Kalisiak (CK Photographic Systems)

New Hampshire is clearly in the middle of a rebuild. Ranked 30th at this time last year, the team that took the track yesterday only had one skater from the previous year, new captains and a new coach. To their credit they never quit during this bout and managed 23 points in the second half, after just 6 in the first and held the Furies to 243 points in the second, down from 275 in the first. Their jammers Ellison and Knock battled for the entire bout and did a better job in that second half of getting through their initial passes and limiting grand slams. 

The inexperience of the team showed throughout the bout though. New Hampshire took multiple procedure penalties off of failed star passes, jammers and blockers would freeze and give up large jams, and for some unknown reason the few times New Hampshire did grab lead their coach would get jammers to call off jams before the Furies could score instead of utilizing those jams to tighten the spread. Working on remaining calm, transitioning blockers and hammering down star passes will go along way for this team that gave up four 30+ point jams and thirteen 20+ point jams. If they can stop the bleeding they can start to bring these scores down. 

The Furies now wait to hear where they will be slotted into Division 1 playoffs and what city they will be playing in. Fans looking to support them as they gear up should make sure to buy a ticket to their Beer Blast Happy Hour fundraiser at Brunners Tavern on July 25th

Crowd Assists:  Murphy attacks the New Hampshire blockers at turn 2.

Jill Carl also got a nice video of Vajenna leading NH jammer Ellison to the line and rolling her back while a teal blur (Brawl?) laps. 

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Gif of the Game: All Game Long. #1Team #5strong