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Steam Donkeys Celebrate Beer, Summer, Father’s Day

Scientists are still calling it a miracle. Steam Donkeys at Sporto's

Earlier this year, a snow plow driver made a shocking discovery when he uncovered a handful of bodies frozen into a snowbank. It was the Steam Donkeys—a Buffalo, NY-based original music act and global think tank. They were revived with shots of whiskey. Now, their impossible tale of survival is being made into a feature film starring Nicolas Cage as the snow plow driver.

To celebrate, the band will be performing a pair of shows this Saturday (6/20). The first will be a 6-7pm set at the Second Annual Buffalo Brewers Festival at Canalside. The second show starts at 8:30pm the same day, at the Sportsmen’s Tavern, where the band will perform four hours of material culled from its 23 year career.

“If this band were a person, he or she would be of legal age to drink,” says Steam Donkeys front man and spokesperson Buck Quigley. “So, we’re an obvious choice to play at a beer festival.”

While he says there are many benefits to playing in a band with such longevity, there is one major downside.

“Whenever we walk toward a 7-11 on a Friday or Saturday night,” he says, “there are usually a few young hipster bands lurking around the corner asking if we would buy them a twelve pack of Magic Hat.”

It’s a small price to pay. On the upside, the band has reached the point in its career where it no longer needs to rehearse.

“We used to rehearse a lot back when we sucked,” Quigley observes. “But like anything else, you do it enough and you get good at it, even if you go blind. Now we’ve reached a point that our songs are so catchy that we can’t forget them even if we tried. On those rare occasions when we still would rehearse, we mainly found ourselves just sitting around, drinking beer, telling jokes, and talking about the universe, life and all that. It was at that point we realized we had morphed into a global think tank.”

Their influence is widespread. Though they shun the praise they so richly deserve, the band is widely credited with convincing the Pope to take a stand against climate change.

“Let’s just say we made a couple phone calls,” Quigley says.Steam Donkeys at Pollywogg holler 2

Aside from celebrating their upcoming motion picture and the art of craft brewing, the band wants these two shows to honor both the summer solstice and Fathers Day, both of which begin at midnight Saturday night.

“You know, we’ll be doing the traditional Midsummer thing after the show…with the big bonfire, sacrifices to obscure deities and fertility rights and stuff,” Quigley adds. “And in the morning it will be Fathers Day, so I’ll be sleeping in before pretending to get things accomplished in the garage all day. Welcome, summer!”