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Oops! Best of Buffalo misprint!

Filed under: News

Lexington Food Coop, the winner of Best of Buffalo’s Best Produce award, politely pointed out to us that the print version of Artvoice listed Wegmans as the winner for Best Produce. We also heard that when the Coop announced their win it was being disputed on social media. To be clear: Wegmans did NOT win Best Produce; that was an error in our print edition. That award went to the Lexington Food Coop and we’re pleased to see that local independent business can still compete and win against giant companies.

  • mike rizzo

    LOL They are not the best by far over Wegmans.Who are you kidding other then your Liberal readers? Funny…lol

    • Andrew Y

      I am sure it isn’t a liberal vs whatever issue, although you seem very comfortable throwing that term around. I no longer live in the city, but visit enough to know that people are always partial to the underdog vs the big guy. Which is why I found it funny that Wegman’s fans were saying things about Whole Foods and Trader Joes when they were making their entry into the market place.

      Wegman’s is great. No one should dispute that. But I am looking forward to checking out the Lexington Co-op when we visit next time.

  • Jamie Moses

    Perhaps readers took “local” to actually mean local and not a corporate chain with stores in NY, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia.

  • MerleneSLeahy30

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