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QCRG Weekend Recap: KO’s Win, Jr’s Wrap Up Home League, Furies Fall to OHRG

Photo Credit: Chris Kalisiak (CK Photographic Systems)

Photo Credit: Chris Kalisiak (CK Photographic Systems)

QCRG’s busy weekend started off on Friday night at Riverworks with the Knockouts extending their home league win streak to 19 games with a 167-116 win over the Saucies. The Saucies closed the gap to 26 early in the 2nd half, only to have LiBrawlian break their back with a 23-0 jam. Without Head Huntress in the second half, and missing Notorious V.A.G, Gibby S’more and June CleaveHer, the KO’s were just too much for the Saucies.

The game was most notable for the stand out games from jammers Toots McGee for the KO’s and Hot Damnsel for the Saucies. Damnsel just started jamming this year and she held her own against the KO’s best jammers – completely unafraid. Without June CleaveHer the Saucies needed her to have a big game and she certainly stepped up. Toots has been a veteran jammer for the KO’s, but this game was her best so far this season. Both of these jammers will need to keep up this trend for their teams as they move into the playoffs.

Next up for the home league will be the Alley Kats v the Knockouts on May 1st at Riverworks.

Stat of the Night: Until the final jam of the game, her 19th jam, no points had been scored against Brawl. The KO’s were running the clock out so 8 points were scored against her, with 12 for, on that final jam. Until then though, nothing. That is even with the Saucies jammers grabbing lead against her a couple times. Impressive.

Crowd Assist: At her first derby game Tifflyn Henry caught a video of Brawl v Miss Fire from behind the jammer line.

QCRG Co-Founder Sissy Fit’s Recap on the End of the Queen City Juniors Home League Season

The Queen City Jr Roller Girls just wrapped up their successful 4th season on Saturday with their final home intra-league bout between the Atomic Bettys and the Cereal Killers at Buffalo Riverworks. Both teams put forth a gallant effort with the Betttys coming out with the win raking up 386 points to the Killers 205. This is the second season that the Bettys and Killers have faced off each other on the track. Last year the Bettys were able to remain undefeated but with some new skaters and great coaching, the Killers were able to pull out two wins this season.

The girls practice every Saturday morning at Buffalo Riverworks dividing their 4 hour practice between the league and a separate travel team practice for their more experienced skaters. Their travel team plays under the full WFTDA ruleset and vy for national ranking through the JRDA (Junior Roller Derby Association) which is their version of WFTDA.

The QCJRG is currently recruiting girls between the ages of 10-17 for their upcoming season which begins in October. Visit for more information about their league and to get your daughter enrolled.

Photo Credit: Chris Kalisiak (CK Photographic Systems)

Photo Credit: Chris Kalisiak (CK Photographic Systems)

Lake Effect Furies v Ohio Roller Girls

Almost last, but not least, the Furies made the 325 mile trek down the I-90 W and I-71 S to Columbus, Ohio to take on the 19th ranked Ohio Roller Girls on Saturday. The bout came just a week after the heartbreaking 10 point loss to Steel City at Riverworks, and a similar 2nd half collapse via penalties sunk the Furies with a final score of 212-136. The Furies closed a 25 point half time gap and actually held the lead for a brief moment in the 7th jam of the 2nd half before a jammer penalty that set off an avalanche of jammer penalties. The game was much closer than the score suggests, and it took a 10-75 run in that 2nd half to really push that lead out of reach.

The bout was hard to watch for Furies fans as penalty calls lacked consistency. Destruction of the pack penalties at the back of the pack got routinely called against the Furies, but leak out hits out of pack at the front were consistently missed against Ohio’s blockers. Track cuts and back block penalties between opposing teams were also called on different criteria throughout the game. In the 2nd half, ref Wondra Woman called back to back to back penalties against Furies jammers and during an 11 jam stretch she called 7 penalties against Furies jammers. As Furies jammers started to contest calls, and coaches were in disbelief, a smile would grow across Wondra’s face. That was the turning point and mentally the Furies couldn’t push past this and focus back on the track. 5 on 5 the Furies were neck and neck with Ohio, but they couldn’t win if they saw the game as a fight against OHRG and the refs.

As the revolving door to the penalty box started up again, the bout looked exactly like the massive run Steel City finished the previous game on. In those final 16 jams the Furies rarely had all 4 blockers out and took 7 jammer penalties. Endurance is clearly part of the problem as the Furies are playing the highest ranked competition they’ve ever played. However, this team is going to have to dig deep and find ways to mentally correct themselves when these large runs start. “One team” is the Furies motto – and during these runs they have to remind themselves that it is just them and the track. Block out the refs, block out the crowd, block out everything beyond staying on the track and playing together as one team. These last two games have proven that they have the skill to move up in Division 1, but they desperately need to focus on team endurance and discipline.

Next up for the Furies is the Beaver Fever tournament in Kitchener-Waterloo, On (Canada). The Furies will play Tri-City, Green Mt. and Rideau. They have two weeks to nurse injuries, rest, work on endurance, and correct these flaws. In the last two games the Furies have taken 47 and 41 penalties. This has to come down. They also get jammer Griff back, who was sorely missed in Ohio. With a complete roster, and a new focus, the Furies should be challenging themselves to go 3-0 at Beaver Fever. Rookie jammer Murphy has struggled in the last two games, but the experience should pay off in the long term and against the competition in this tournament. These last two games have been a big test for this team and coming out of it all of the substantive weaknesses that have been exposed can be corrected. Beaver Fever will be a test of just how much the team has bought into making those necessary changes.

Crowd Assist: Furies fans who made the trek brought along massive head cut outs of jammers Brawl and Murphy.


Correction: The previous bout preview stated there would be three bouts for QCRG this weekend – I missed the Sunday scrimmage between Queen’s Court and Enchanted Mountain. The Queen’s Court, reserved for new skaters and rookies, beat Enchanted Mountain 260-190. This means good news for the upcoming home league draft!

  • While this is the second year that skaters from QCJRG have been skating under the Atomic Bettys name, the junior league does not have permanent teams like QCRG does. Instead, skaters with seniority acted as captains, and the teams were chosen playground style before each of their bouts this season. Only their travel team has a permanent roster of all level 3 skaters.